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    David Webb
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    Awesome day around the fishbowl. Cool/cold temps, plentiful sunshine, unlimited smooth strong climbs over 7k even up to an hour before sunset, and some fun group flying. Cory won the “thermal of the day” award, and broke several of his personal bests / firsts. Maxed out at just over 8k and boated around for 3h, 15 minutes. November weekday that beat the forecast – pleasant surprise.

    Squiggles from yesterday.


    The area immediately to the West of Billboard had unusually good lift late in the day. My theory is that the light SE wind was butting against thermal convection on the sunlit West mountain face.

    Fun to see a good group able to sneak away during the week.

    Jonathan Dietch
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    Thanks for the reports and the tracks.
    I met some very busy conspiracies of ravens. Use a large monitor and view the images in full screen.
    Ravens GH010025_1701217916087Ravens GH010025_1701217902180Ravens GH010025_1701217950812

    It was also a clear day with nice visibility.
    Rimforest GH040025_1701218020681

    I went East to Crest Park and came up 200′ short of the LZ from 5,800′. I have past the point of no turn-backs where this was recorded.

    Fortunately I managed to extract myself without assistance.

    I wasn’t aware of it until the next day that I was flying while positive for COVID. I’m not sure that it affected my flying one way or the other. The current version is like a really bad head cold. I’ve had 6 vaccines and this was my first positive test.

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