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    Low hours on sail. new vg cord installed. priced to sell. Never broken a downtube. glider comes with 2 sets of tip wands. spare down tube choice of round or aerobar. big 12″ pneumatic wheels for round bar or 6 in wheels for aero bar. recently tuned and test flown by Alex’s House of Hang gliding. Great flying glider.

    Everyday Andy 76ZERO-333-945020161029_111317


    Wing has been sold…


    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Hi do you stil have the U2 for sale?</p>


    I I am not sure if I replied to you or not. Glider has been sold.

    You are interested in what modals of glider besides U2? I can ask around at Andy Jackson. I may know someone who has a wing for sale…

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