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    The member directory is full of names that appear in red, and one of those might be you! Please look yourself up here and make sure you typed in the correct USHPA number into your profile.

    If you’re a new HG or PG student with an instructor-issued 30 day USHPA form and you don’t have a yearly USHPA membership yet, don’t worry about it for now, but if you decide to stick with the sport, please get your USHPA membership taken care of before your 30 day expires. If you need to, ask your instructor for details.

    It’s important for us to know which members are up-to-date with their ratings. Landing at AJX without a current USHPA membership is putting our site at risk. If you don’t want us to harass you (we don’t enjoy it either), please do it now. πŸ˜‰πŸ™

    You won’t be able to see the full member directory unless you’re logged in, so do that first. Your old CSS login from years past is not going to work. If you don’t have a profile here yet, please create a new login to see yourself in the member directory. Thanks everyone & happy flying! πŸ™‚

    David Webb
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    To add: if you fix your membership or renew your USHPA membership, all you have to do on the CSS site to β€œrefresh” your information is to log out and log back in to the website. Every time you log into the website (not just opening the website – any time you enter your email address and password), your USHPA information is pulled fresh.

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