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    Ken Howells
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    Due to the recent heavy snow & strained emergency services.


    Tim Ward
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    Surely there’s some sweet spot between the fire and the ice.

    Scott Smith
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    Maybe 2 weeks in April‚Ķ? ūüėā

    Dan DeWeese
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    CSS Instructor

    Its difficult traveling around up here. Loaders are clearing side roads one bucket wide. 8ft. Berms are high everywhere. i made it to launch yesterday 930am or so to check the webcam at the tower. Snowdrift as high as the fence. walked right in. Climbed up to stand up the webcam stand and found out the rod holding it was bent and pulled out by the load of rime and wind. when it warms up a tad will cut out the old and replace. A bulldozer came down playground from paivika just beforew we left. Told him he could clear the parking lot to make some space if he needed some place to park machines. The launch sign is poking out above the snow in the second picture. bring a shovelDSCN0345DSCN0344


    Hi all,

    I’ve never been out there and was planning on heading out tomorrow for the week. Does the above closure impact the lower launches? I was keen to get out there to break in my new wing and was planning on Marshall and Regionals launches as reliable sites.

    Thanks for any info and, if closed, is there any way for me to push my temp membership and week camping pass that I just purchased forward for when conditions improve?

    Thanks much,

    Arjun Heimsath

    Stan Barankiewicz
    General Member

    Dear Arjun:

    Yes, the closure affects all launches, except the 350′.¬† You can coordinate with info@crestlinesoaring.org on how to adjust your membership and pass.


    Stan Barankiewicz
    General Member

    A point of clarification on the business exemption.¬† The Forest Service has clarified that the business exemption in the closure order is only for those businesses that hold a Special Use Permit (“SUP”) from the Forest Service.¬† Those businesses that do not have a SUP are not exempt from the closure.

    Stan Barankiewicz
    General Member

    Correction to the launch list above.  The XC Ranch informed us that the 350 launch is not open.


    Is the forest service unaware that the css has had a special use permit for the Crestline launch since 1982? Wouldn’t that qualify css members launch access to that launch?

    Stan Barankiewicz
    General Member

    The Forest Service says CSS’ SUP is solely for recreation, so it does not qualify for the business exemption.¬† Unfortunately, they made it clear that we are not exempt.

    John Benario
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    Travel up here is very difficult still.  Roads that are clear are only one lane wide.  Almost was head oned yesterday by a SOCAL gas truck while I was creeping through a snow canyon on my street uphill and he was driving way too fast downhill.  This is what 10 feet of snow looks like.





    Dan DeWeese
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    CSS Instructor

    18 was reopened to residents only 4pm yesterday / monday 6th.


    I called the forest service to make sure the forest closure was not extended, and it is open, however, some of the gates will be closed on an individual basis.


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