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    USHPA elections are here and it’s time to figure out who we choose to represent us in the next cycle. Kimberly Phinney, one of our USHPA reps shared the following message:


    Paragliding friends!
    USHPA elections, vote please!

    As many of you know I’ve been on the board for a year now. Pretty sure I’ve ruffled a lot feathers in that time. I would luv to see some strong new folks get in there with me. I would also love to see equal numbers at the very least of Paragliders to Hang-gliders. Right now we only have two Paragliders. That my friend’s is because you my dear Paragliders are not voting. I feel equal representation is very import. Which means us PGs need to vote. I am not here to tell you who to vote for, but your welcome to msg me if you want further discussion.

    My observation is we need:

    Folks with skills for officer roles like Treasurer. Time for new ideas to be welcomed. One candidate shows strong skills here.

    I also feel its time for change. Therefore we must as a community make changes in our votes. If you have not been happy with USHPA for the past years, then dont keep electing people who’ve been sitting on the board for the past decade.
    That is honest advise/opinion no matter how lovely a person may be. This was my same advise last election, and in our current political elections as well. It’s not personal its just sound wisdom.

    No matter your Vote, just vote. I felt there was some gr8 strong candidates with good knowledge, and desire to support the change I feel many of us want.


    Questions or concerns? You may contact Kimberly at: Owlenchantress@gmail.com

    Voting ends October 26th at 5:00PM.


    USHPA Elections for BOD

    Just a reminder that you have one week left. Please don’t forget to vote!

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