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    Hi All,  I just pulled the trigger on a visit to AJX Saturday 7th -12th. Hoping to meet up with some locals for the weekend, and weekday flying too. Have read through most of the site info for Marshall, Crestline, and AJX. Would love to hear from someone flying the coming weekend who is happy to do a site intro and doesn’t mind a tag along in the air.

    FYI: H3, my home site is McClure, until last year it was Fort Funston in SF. I’ve flow some of the big mountains of Nor Cal (Hull and Elk) and spent a week in Utah this past year at POTM and Monroe at the Red Rocks Fly In.

    Thanks in advance for any help and looking forward to meeting the AJX crew,



    Hi Ian,

    Feel free to show up at the LZ before noon and you’ll find plenty of HG pilots to give you an intro. Dan is one of our HG instructors. If you’d like you can chat with him about our site. Here’s his website: http://www.flycrestline.com/

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