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    This Saturday, the 21st, and Sunday 22nd of October starting at 10 am, we are putting clear coast on the beams of the pavilion to protect it from the upcoming weather.  We could use your help!

    If you can help, let us know by signing up at the, all-new,  fabulous “Volunteer Event Calendar”.

    It works just like the “Sandy Van” calendar. Just add your name to the project you can help with. We appreciate it!


    If you have any questions about the projects please contact Luke at:

    Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 10.08.43 AM 11.34.13 AM


    Big THANK YOU to everyone who showed up to help with this project! Luke’s update is that the project is very close to completion now, just before the weather turned.

    Luke, Daniel, Albert, Owen & Jeff spent Saturday and Sunday sanding and painting the outer beams to protect them from bad winter weather. We still need to get paint on the south side, but that should not take too long. We still have supplies left for that and we’ll be using a 24 foot extension ladder to get the remaining work done.


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