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    Tim Ward
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    I’ve started stocking the refrigerator with water again.

    If you take one, please put a dollar in the jar on top of the drawers to the left of the refrigerator.

    The vending machine is not adequate to vend soft water bottles.  I’ll see about getting a little more variety in the sodas it vends, now that it’s not filled with water.



    Saw you do that yesterday. Thank you Tim!!!

    I re-fill my water bottles with the sink water on site and have never had an issue. Tastes pretty good and clean, but if you’re feeling a little more spoiled and need pre-bottled water, I get it.

    Tim Ward
    General Member

    The sink on the south side has a filter on it.

    We’re in the same aquifer as Arrowhead bottled water gets its spring water from.  Though I understand they dilute what they get down with tap water.

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