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    In order to comply with our insurance requirements and USHPA, we need to inform these organizations of any mishaps occurring within our club. The following information is what’s needed:

    1. Date, approximate time and location of the mishap

    2. Wing type and pilot rating

    3. Flight type (either tandem or solo)

    4. Type of Launch (foot or towed)

    5. Phase of flight (launching, in-flight or landing)

    6. Property damage (none, under $500, or over $500)

    7. Collision with…(ground, building, tree, another pilot, etc)

    8. Injuries (none, minor, or medical attention required)

    If you have knowledge of the below incidents or any other mishaps occurring at the CSS site within this calendar year, please send the information to the below email address as soon as possible. Please also note that name and address information is NOT required. We do not wish to embarrass anyone but simply need to get the information to help establish best practices.

    Again, if know of an incident of any kind (or were a witness to an incident), please send me as much of the above information as possible. We will maintain the confidentiality of everyone involved and use the information for learning purposes only.


    A student pilot recently hit the side of LZ upon landing.

    A pilot landed on side of Cloud in bushes and helicopter pulled him out even though he said he had no injury and planned to walk out. That happened maybe a month or two ago.

    A pilot misjudged his altitude coming to the LZ and landed behind the HG training hill, behind trees. No known injury.

    A student pilot landed in bushes on side of cloud and required a helicopter extraction when it got dark. That happened a few months ago.

    Visiting foreign pilot launched with a line-over from Regionals, almost ending himself.

    A pilot had to throw his reserve after attempting an acro maneuver that went wrong, between Crestline and Regionals somewhere.


    Please email the information to: safety@crestlinesoaring.org

    Thank you in advance for your help!


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