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    David Webb
    General Member

    Found the cause of the recent weather station inactivity on Marshall:



    We can play “Guess the Caliber” while a replacement is found.


    Maybe it was one of those “bullet thermals“.

    Suggestion: Paint/tape over the next one in a sky-camouflaged blue color, so it does not stand out so much as a target.



    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    Perhaps the new station would be less vulnerable to gun-fire ; if it was in a more inaccessible place like Cloud ? Put it back where it was ; it’s just gonna get shot at again !


    Iaroslav Rastrygin
    General Member

    Mfers; fsck them. Where do I chip in for the replacement ?


    Thanks David for all your hard work! We obviously need to replace it. If anyone would like to donate funds toward the weather station, all you have to do is look at the top of this page and either click the “Club Info” tab and then click the “Donate” option, or click the shopping cart icon (it will likely be empty) and then click on “back to shop“. There you will find an option to donate various amounts of money of your choosing.

    It would certainly lighten the financial load on the club funds. The new weather station parts will cost about $300 Euros.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Replacement station arrived today. It includes 2 prototype LTE modems, which adds to the one 2G modem we have from the now-deceased station. Will test it out and reinstall the next day that offers up a decent flying forecast. If LTE turns out to not work well up there, we can fall back to the 2G modem that was working well before, so it’s nice having options.

    Iaroslav Rastrygin
    General Member

    Are there any news regarding replacement ? Or, maybe, I could offer any help setting this up ?


    Yes! One of our members assembled it and it’s ready to be mounted. If you’d like to help, you can contact Luke. Thanks!

    Ken Howells
    General Member

    The Marshall Peak weather station is back online!

    Thanks to the installers!


    Thanks to Albert and Yaroslav for driving up to Marshall with me so we could install the WX station & change the windsock.  Big thanks to David Webb for the logistics to procure the new equipment and then providing phone tech support and system validation.  Also thanks to Ken to our letting us drive him up to launch using his truck so we could bring the 24 ft ladder on his roof rack.  Fingers crossed we can get another WX station to replace the Crestline unit soon.



    Love the team work! Thank you everyone! ❤️

    David Webb
    General Member

    Just for clarity – the Wx on Crestline is most likely perfectly fine. It’s the Wifi that is the issue at the moment (that unit uses Wifi instead of cellular since there is internet up there). Need some pics of the inside of the weather-proof enclosure up at the radio towers and then we can figure out what our options are as far as size of the unit, power, etc.

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