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    David Webb
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    New toy for y’all to play with. I threw together a simple user interface so that everyone can flip through the archive of webcam images that we have (it’s fun to see yourself get caught on candid camera sometimes 😀). Direct link is here, or you can also find the link to it on the “Webcams Only” page.

    Also to note, for those that weren’t aware already, if you ever want to post an image from the archive to the forum (let’s say you want to show everyone my embarassing blown launch on Marshall), you don’t need to download and reupload the image back into the forum (this goes for ANY image that you find on the internet that you want to use in a post). Simply paste the URL to the image into the editor when you’re creating your post (no need to link it or do anything to it) and the editor will automagically embed the image for you. Same goes for YouTube and Vimeo videos (just paste in the URL and don’t link it and it will embed the video for you).

    Have fun.

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