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    Ken Howells
    General Member

    Quick note to say that the Crestline and AJX weather being offline since the website changeover was my fault, not David Webb’s.

    I have an if it aint broke don’t fix it attitude to the wx stations and while the sensors and cables fail regularly the old old code tends to work and I know the quirks. So I new I’d need to do system updates and stuff and then try to figure out what is newly broken and what was already broken. I like to sit back and really grok the issue and find an expedient solution. In other words, I’m lazy.  When I started doing the website weather I was married and lived on the ridge near Top Town, so the station and computer(s) were in a tree in my yard and in my house. That was 20 years ago.

    With the coincident arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic and a lot of wet days early in the lockdown I didn’t feel an urgent need to get the weather going. Then I started puttering about the homestead and got some projects going, some of which I hadn’t even realized I’d wanted to do forever. And there’s that sewing machine that arrived the night the lockdown started, so I had a new unknown hobby; I made my first set of replacement hang glider rack pad covers for my truck. And some facemasks.

    Rebar Dan finally brought the Crestline pi to my house and I booted it up a week later. Ran updates, removed and old remote access daemon that hogged resources. The problem was old perl modules and modern security. Finally took the web stuff out of the perl, and into python and made two routines do what one did before. Without spending hours learning new modules I’ll never use again.

    As I’ve said, I’m perfectly willing to go on providing the Crestline and AJX weather data in something like the current (data) format and with my Henry Darger IT system.

    If people want 24/7/365 with super redundancy and exactitude, which is fine, then fine, I’ll hand the wx over without rancor.


    Good Flying,

    Ken Howells

    Ken Howells
    General Member

    Left out a very key point:

    I have read NONE of the posts on here regarding the weather and display of such, none of the Marshall station drama. I’m on nobody’s ‘side’.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Keep rockin it, Ken – your efforts are appreciated.


    Big THANK YOU! to all of you for taking the time to work on this. It’s awesome that we have members who not only know how to do this stuff, but actually volunteer their time & efforts to get it done. 😁💗

    David Webb
    General Member

    AJX weather is ONLINE! Send free beer to Ken.

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