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    Ken Howells
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    We did 4 rounds of test flights from Regionals and it was scratchable/soarable all day. Inversion layer rose slowly and those below it could stay up with effort in tiny cores. Around 2 PM the seabreeze arrived and it felt noticeably moister. Good soarable round well over 4k for some and then the last round was breezier WSW and boaty. Good SE-SW cycles at the LZ all day (!).

    On my first flight, around 11 AM, I saw a group of 4 PGs walking up the road and 2 more taking a breather on the 750. Later they all flew from Regionals.

    Test flying my 2nd T3 154 of the day, I launched from Regionals right into lift and thus was nearby when Zac Majors was ready to launch the T3 144 he was testing. I happened to catch his launch while I was sorta swooping!

    2020-03-04 16.17.392020-03-04 10.56.472020-03-04 12.32.182020-03-04 12.57.542020-03-04 14.26.11

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