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    Ken Howells
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    The forecast was for strong climbs to 7th Heaven but it was so effin’ hot I waited until late.

    Launched a Sport 3 from the 750 at 4:30 into steady WSW flow with friendly lumps of lift. Above launch after a few minutes, it took more face-scratching (not head-scratching) to get up higher than I had expected.  Gaggles up high. Went from Last Chance to Marshall Peak then dove it in at the half-hour mark.  Growing crowd in the LZ, nice hike to the 750.

    Video contains Scratchin’ Seekrits ™ so don’t share it with just anyone and watch out for shoulder-surfers.

    Two cameras plus mp3 player, splitter, headphones – much to fiddle with once the glider is set-up and ready to fly. Was very surprised to see I was walking to launch at 4:25ish because at home, earlier, I had decided “Ought to be fine if I launch by 4:30.”


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