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    The forecast was for lower, but was able to reach 6.5 k and fly over 2.5 hours. Many others also had long flights.

    After launching from Marshall around 5 pm, the key was to find your “Getaway Thermal” allowing to climb & glide back to Crestline and beyond.

    Thanks to Cory for capturing my launch on video.

    Thanks to David for collecting track logs into an animation.

    On the windy side at Crestline, but not a problem…Wind_Crestline

    David Webb
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    Started the day off right with an hour flight from Crestline. Perfect launch conditions at 9AM, with gentle ridge lift plus soft thermals on the back ridge, and easy thermals out front. Landed for lunch and car retrieve, but was definitely an easy-to-stay-up-all-day kinda day.

    Before taking the Sandy Van up to Marshall, some of us got to watch this local beast practice water drops on Pine. It took several passes, stopping for a drink at the power station reservoir.

    Ditto on the 6.5k and 2.5 hours. Shortly after launch, Cloud seemed to be providing the exit strategy back to Crestline and EZ ridge soaring for the rest of the afternoon. Winds were 15+ most of the flight, but very smooth and pleasant for PGs. Billboard was unusually mellow.

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