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    Way better than expected today. I launched at 2pm from Marshall and flew 3.5 hours, reaching 7500′ at Pine and explored the ridge to the West towards Cajon pass. I hear Jonathan reached 9k. Fun atmosphere in the LZ at the end of the day. Thanks to David who took the following pictures of me…

    My secret for that extra point of glide.IMG_0712

    Almost walking on Cloud peak before sunset.IMG_0714

    Jonathan Dietch
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    Thanks Jerome. The day went exactly like the forecast models I use. Flew 3hrs and a 43 mile free triangle. Tagged Keller Peak and 9,041′ which was sub-freezing and hurt so I left. Also tagged Cajon tower before staggering into the LZ. Everything on video plus stereo audio with loads of cursing. I’ll post it here when it’s finally viewable on YouTube.
    Big BearSub-Freezing2021-02-24 Crestline S3-155 b

    David Webb
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    Sky gods were kind to me most of the day as well.

    Uber & fly from Crestline at 9:25. Plenty of lift to be had on the way down the 750 spine. Got in a fun 45 minute flight, with plenty of time to spare for lunch.

    Launched from Marshall just before 2 in front of Jerome. Got tossed around a bit throughout the flight, but the thermals were tall and plentiful. Went just west of Pine (uncharted territory for me) – looked like Jerome was almost to the pass before I turned around. I topped out at 6700′ with a 3:45 flight.

    Was fun flying with you all.

    Jonathan Dietch
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    Don’t fly too close to the sun!


    David Webb
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    Thanks for the great photo!

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