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    Stephen Crye
    Limited Member

    Because I’m not local, I only visit Marshall a few times a year. I was there a few days ago, and had some great flights, but compared to last year the weeds are getting pretty thick.

    Are we allowed to cut them down with power equipment?


    Eric Muss-Barnes
    General Member

    I’d suggest a scuffle/stirrup/action hoe if you go manual. If you go powered, I’d suggest a traditional string-trimmer/plastic-blade weed-whacker.
    I was recently reminded to be very careful if you use a metal-blade weed-whacker.
    A pilot I know accidentally started a brush fire, after the metal-blade hit a rock, and sparked in the dry grass.
    You don’t want a day starting as “generous volunteer effort” to end as “life changing felony”. Be sure you use the proper equipment and are cautious about how you use it.

    Tom Swanson
    General Member

    The trick is to cut them at the beginning of the season before they get too big. When we used to have more active club members it was done every year. If you cut them now the pg’s will have a tough time keeping them out of their lines.

    John Wright
    General Member

    I have a Stihl FS-310.  I used it, with a metal blade, to cut the path from the 350 to the 750.

    It has a double line attachment.  They blow out quickly, but I’ll try to bring surplus and give it a whackin’ Saturday morn.  The fire part scares the hell outta me, so I’ll bring water, too, even with the line, if I get up in time.

    Ken Howells
    General Member

    That would be awesome, John!

    Bringing a wing? Remember the way?

    I keed! I keed!

    Tom Swanson
    General Member

    Hey John & Ken,

    With the high fire danger using a metal blade, or any kind of blade, is very risky and I would not want to be that guy. One of the latest local fires was caused by someone doing weed abatement and it sounded like he was going to be charged for the costs and or fined. The weeds don’t bother the hang gliders, and cut weeds can be a hazard to paragliders if not cleaned up thoroughly, which is pretty much impossible.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend.


    Mark Hoffmann
    General Member

    Smoked Weed :)

    John Wright
    General Member

    Tom, I’m definitely not using a metal blade.  I’ve got my Stihl loaded with .9 line and am going to give Marshall a whack.  Packing water and a fire extinguisher, even using just a line.  Only getting the ones right next to the HG ramp.  The PG area is someone else’s story.

    Stopping by the LZ around 11:30-12 if you want a lift.  I have to unload some stuff.

    Stephen Crye
    Limited Member

    Thank you very much for this effort!


    But if you’re up there, even if you could remove a 5-ft wide perminter around the PG area that would be super helpful. Eventually the wind will blow che carcasses  away from anywhere they would tangle lines.

    John Wright
    General Member

    I whacked the sides HG ramp.  I didn’t the PG area because stray stuff in your lines.

    I’d recommend a PG pilot invest in a commercial grade brush-cutter weed whacker.  I truly did not know what I could do.


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