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    Ken Howells
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    USHGA buttons from the 1990’s.



    Those are pretty awesome! We should bring them back!

    Whether joking or not, I really do think that hang gliding needs more advertising. Without help, people like myself could never see themselves leaving the ground attached to a kite, that sounds nuts! But if more people realize that it’s something that can be learned safely and that they don’t need to be the most coordinated or athletic people, I bet more would pursue it.

    Too many non-pilots dream of flying, they just don’t realize that it is fairly accessible to anyone who wants to learn (and can afford it). You see something about it on TV here and there, but never in the context of a regular newbie coming in and learning to hang glide step by step. You have to either know someone who does it, or be really passionate about flight to research and find a school. It’s just way too cool to pass up if you’re into the idea of flying like a bird, if only they knew it existed and that they could do it in a matter of weeks!


    I have always thought the best way to strengthen and protect the sport of hangliding/freeflight is to increase the base or number of participants.  This can only be done by attracting more people to the sport and by supporting or building the numbers of instructors and locations where prospective new pilots could be introduced to flying.  If every current pilot referred just one friend or person that they know (per year or two), who they thought might actually enjoy this sport, to a qualified instructor for a demo /tandem flight then the base would grow and the availability of instructors/instruction would become more financially stable or secure.   I am sure we all know at least one person that we think might dig getting into soaring flight and who might enhance the flying community if they got into it.  As far as the buttons, I would be in for a few if someone decides to make a run of them.


    Not a perfect replica, but if any of you want to make buttons or t-shirts out of this, let me know. I’ll send you the files. I’m also thinking about printing flyers advertising AJX and the HG PG schools, so people know it’s possible to take lessons, or go tandem. We could put fliers around our fairly local downtowns. Maybe flyer would include a QR code that takes readers to slightly more details, such as a list of our schools.
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    Eric Muss-Barnes
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    I started a project which might help promote the sport a little bit…

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