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    George Stebbins
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    Hi all,

    I spent a bunch of time looking at XCSkies Saturday night and decided there was a good chance of a great day Sunday.  Yes, a small chance of not-so-good to sled to blowing down, but very good chance of a great day.  I expected there to be other pilots there.  Nope.  Just me at Marshall launch.  Nobody at Crestline launch.  One other pilot launched late from the 750.  That was it.

    And yet, I got to 8k once, 7.5k at least three times, and got up from Marshall launch level multiple times.  I had a blast.  OK, there wasn’t any wind for landing, but heck, I’ve done no wind landings before.  And there was decent wind for the launch.  I’m pretty sure it was a mild convergence.  It fit the pattern.

    Sorry you all missed it. :-(   I would have had a better time with others there, but I had a great time anyway.   :-)

    Oh, yeah I forgot to mention:  Launched at 1:11, and flew for 2:45 minutes.  Could probably have stayed up another 5 or 10, but needed to get broken down before dark and go get my eBike.




    I was all packed up and ready, but decided around 10am that the wind direction seemed iffy or would be too late in the day when it stopped blowing down, obviously that wasn’t the case. XCSkies looked good, but windy.com and this site’s own predictions predicted light down, which would probably have launchable cycles. I decided the chances weren’t good enough for the drive out. Sounds like Kagel turned out well too.

    You almost had company.

    George Stebbins
    General Member

    I’m sorry you didn’t make it out.  Company would have been nice.  My experience is that XCSkies is a better predictor most of the time – Especially NAM3, and even more especially when all the models agree.  (I usually ignore the global model except when the others don’t cover the time period I’m interested in.  It’s almost always overly optimistic about altitude, wind direction, etc.)

    I’ve been very busy lately, so I was motivated to take what I could get.  I even told myself that if it blew down all day, I’d at least have a good eBike ride.

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