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    George Stebbins
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    Sunday the 13th was epic.  Yet there were exactly two hang glider pilots and two paraglider pilots flying.  The forecast was spot on with light wind from the south, but the last pilot had to land toward the mountain.  I got to 8500′ mulitiple times and could easily have gotten higher, but I was way too cold.  (I expected it to be good, but not that good, so I under-dressed.)  The other HG pilot flew to Baldy.  In a Northwing Freedom!!!!  I didn’t have a driver, or any retrieve and had to go back up to get my bike, so I didn’t push.  But it looked like the day to try it if you had retrieve.  8500′ in February!!!!  And for about 45 minutes, I could go on long glides without turning.  Just slowing down in lift and speeding up in sink, and I lost only 1000′ from Strawberry to Sugarpine.  In a Sport 2.

    I hope you all enjoyed watching multi-millionaires chasing each other around and jumping on each other over a bladder made out of pig’s skin… ;-)

    We had lots of fun hang gliding.

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