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    Ken Howells
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    Got the router turned on and the link to the broadband antenna connected.


    Thank you! There must be more to the story than turning on a switch and connecting the antenna.  ;-)

    Ken Howells
    General Member

    Well, I did go _all the way_ to Best Buy for the 100′ CAT-6 cable.

    Yesterday, Tim Ward mounted the receiving dish at the north end of the roof. The WiFi router had been mounted in a plastic tub on top of the shipping container and it got kinda crushed during the roofing work.  The tub was destroyed and the router-case was cracked open but the circuitry seemed intact.  The blinky lights came on momentarily yesterday when first plugged in, but no joy after that.

    Today I double checked the power cords and then got up on the ladder and scrutinized the router.  Found a power switch partially obscured by grime and gunk.  Blinky lights came on,  phone got CSS weather via wifi.



    Thanks for the extra details, good work Tim and Ken !

    Patrick Wambach
    General Member

    What do we use for internet out at AJX?  Just wondering because I think it might be a good idea to look into starlink.com for service.  It very reliable satelite service for $110 per month.  I just set it up in Phoenix for a client and the speeds are consistently around 200Mb Down and 20Mb up.  Just throwing it out there for options.  If we know who manages the site I would be happy to set it up for free (if CSS is pays for the equipment).  I paraglide out of AJX with Jordan and always willing to volunteer my IT skills whenever they are needed.  (I am not a coder, but I can do almost everything else).

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