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    Ken Howells
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    Actual weather system sliding past to the North of us.  PG launched as I was walking to launch and he climbed up quickly. I benched up from the 750 easily around 12:45 with a Sport 2 155 hang glider. Steady wind but you had to make the ascent happen.  Got over Marshall and yelled at the crowd.

    Landed by choice after about 40 minutes; forced it down, actually. Great hike to the 750 as the clouds filled-in.  Gaggles over the peaks.

    2020-12-17 12.34.15

    Screenshot 2020-12-17 16.19.52


    Screenshot 2020-12-17 16.22.45


    Mark Hoffmann
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    Magical December Cloud Day…  Thanks for the fly-by Ken


    Unbelievable Thursday. Launched Marshall at 1:15 and quickly climbed to back range. Within 20 minutes arrived between two layers of clouds, smooth air with amazing lift. Spend 30 minutes enjoying the heavenly views before chasing open sun rays.

    Thank you Sandy for the shuttle ride up and making days like this possible!!!

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