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    Tim Ward
    General Member

    We have an uptick in the number of goathead thorn plants on the LZ.
    While I don’t ordinarily walk around in bare feet, I’d like to leave the option open.

    I hate these things because in my youth they destroyed any number of so-called “thornproof” bicycle tires.

    Next Saturday, August 7, I’d like to get a number of people together early in the morning while it’s cool to do a search and destroy mission on these invasive devils.

    They are plants with a central tap root, so if you could bring gloves and one of those long skinny weeding tools designed to take out tap roots, that would be great.

    I’ll be there about 8:00 or possibly a little sooner, and I can promise a dozen or so donuts.


    thank you tim, i’ll be there.  maybe we do a heavy watering early that morning to loosen up the soil?

    Tim Ward
    General Member

    We could try that. Or at least, *a* watering. I could pause the Friday watering and start watering all zones about 5 am Saturday.

    Also if other people could RSVP so I have some idea of how many donuts.

    Bob Pobocik
    General Member


    I’ll stop by and bring a couple tools and gloves.


    Bob Pobocik



    Tim Ward
    General Member

    Thanks, Bob.


    For those who are wondering what the hell a goathead is, I took some pictures.    These are closeups so you can see the leaves, and the green thingy that will ripen and dry into three or four of the nastiest thorns that ever ruined a bicycle tire.

    If you see these, please kill them and throw them out of anywhere someone might walk.  You will be doing yourself and everyone else an enormous service.


    Tim Ward
    General Member

    Also, while I was looking for a photo candidate, I saw someone had pulled up a considerable amount of them in a few places.


    Good for you.

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