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    Tim Ward
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    I’d like to get a work party together to repair the retaining wall to the left of the stairs at Crestline.

    We’ll need to excavate behind the existing wall some, and cut some RR ties to length, and drill holes and spike them together with rebar.¬† I have the auger bits, though not a hefty big drill to drive them.

    We’ll also need a volunteer chain saw.

    Reply here if you can help, and when you’re available.




    Hey Tim!

    We use to have a heavy duty Rigid/Milwaukee drill motor in the container that did that exact job. I believe there are some drill bits there aswell.

    Let me know when you plan do do the job.

    Thanks Again for all your help and efforts!

    Jeff B.


    hey tim,

    i believe i have the correct chainsaw (and chain) for the job. ¬†happy to lend a hand, and i’m around quite a bit this month.


    Tim Ward
    General Member

    Yes, I think I have a pretty good handle on the drill bits and the generator, but I’ll have to look a little harder for a drill motor.

    I’m sure if I ask Dan politely, he’ll have something.

    Tim Ward
    General Member

    Thanks, Owen. I thought you might say that.

    I’ll try to get my ducks in a row and come up with a fixed date.

    Gary Anderson
    General Member

    I’m around this month and should be able to make myself available with a couple days notice.



    A 38 year old retaining wall. Installed entirely on one cold wet rainy day by CSS members on the last Saturday of Oct 1983.

    The 1979 Nationals were held at Crestline and it caused safety concerns due to the extreme congestion on this 2 lane narrow road and no shoulders to park on. So the following year the CSS requested permission to create a 20 vehicle parking lot. By 1981 the Forest Service opened it up to bids to improve the site and regulate the flight activities. The CSS was one of 3 bidders.

    In 1982 the CSS won the bid and received the permit.

    The permit required excavating to make a wide shoulder on the south side to create the parking lot and build the retaining wall. By summer 1982 the excavation was complete but funds didn’t yet exist to create the wall. So as a temporary way to prevent driving onto launch, a chain link fence was installed full length from the outhouse to the downhill end of the dirt parking lot. The remains of that fence still encircle the outhouse.

    By late 1983 the Forest Service was getting impatient with the CSS delays in installing the retaining wall. They said that the permit would be revoked if not completed by end of Oct.

    With procrastination as an operating procedure, a work party date to hand dig, and pin together some 200 ties was set for the 29th.

    The weather gods punished us with a cold windy rainy day. Some 25 brave pilots (most of the CSS membership) spent the day freezing. The central stairs were a design as we went process with half a dozen pilots making suggestions on the placement and choosing a best way to do it with minimal time wasted in the discussion due to the fact we were freezing. Get er done!

    The Forest Service then gave us till end of 1984 to pave the lot. The expense would be 10 times the cost of the wall and roughly the equivalent of 8 years average CSS budget. And that, as they say, is another story.




    Jonathan Dietch
    General Member

    Thanks for everyone’s work on the stairs.
    While you are up there with tools please remove these serious trip and blown launch hazards from the ramp which I first spotted a few days ago. These studs are embedded deeply in the ground. Maybe they are there for a ramp project? IDK but I had pause for concern when I launched.
    Cheers, JD


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