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    I’ve had the XC Tracer II Mini with GPS for almost a year now, and have been very happy with it. Great build quality, good volume, instant response to lift, and good bluetooth integration with Flyskyhy.

    I got an email from them recently that they have a new one coming out with a B&W LCD screen called the Maxx. Here’s their page on it:


    XC Tracer Maxx 390x

    I also sent them some questions, and below is their response:

    • I assume the vario has the same fast response as the Mini? Yes
    • Is the screen a touch screen, or are the screens set up by connecting to a computer? If it’s not a touch screen, can multiple screens be used in-flight (and if so, how do you switch between them)? With the red button. We are also working on a remote control so that you can switch screens without releasing the brakes
    • I see that the screen is B&W LCD – does that mean that it has a fast response? I like the look of many of the e-ink displays, but I hear that they are very slow to refresh (which I don’t want). Yes, the LCD has a fast response and no ghosting. Actually we have 10Hz refresh rate.
    • Can different measurement units be used (metric, imperial, etc)? No, might be implemented later
    • Does it auto start and stop (on launch and landing)? Yes
    • Does it have a tether attached (the Mini has a red tether attached, which is great as a backup attachment)? Yes
    • Will it show airspace information? I’d love to see some of the gauges and screens that are available. Yes, but this is not yet implemented, we are working on that.
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