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    The purpose of this article is to share some thoughts on flying safely with others. I’m not going to recite the right of way rules for ridge soaring or thermal etiquette, all of us should know them. Instead, I want to remind everyone of a couple things that you probably know but could easily forget while flying:

    1. The Crestline ridge, from Crestline Launch to Billboard, and the front range, from Regionals to Cloud Peak, Marshall Peak and the KCAL Towers, are training areas. On any given day there can be dozens of low hour, H2, P2 and P1 pilots flying in this area. Low hour pilots do not always put their gliders precisely where they intended. When flying with others, be ready for the unexpected by always keeping some margin in your pocket. Margin comes in many different flavors: extra distance, extra altitude, extra speed, and extra maneuverability. Do not rely on just one, but maintain margin in all four flavors.
    2. Do not expect Intermediate and Advanced pilots to get it right every time. Intermediate and Advanced pilots can get bumped off line by turbulence, can stall a tip, or exit a turn and NOT fly the path they intended. Again, maintain some margin because your friends will make mistakes.
    3. Lastly, if you see someone doing something dangerous or not quite right, find an opportunity to talk to them. Be friendly, be tactfully talk to them. If you are not comfortable approaching another pilot then ask someone else to help.

    Thanks and Happy Flying,


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