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George Stebbins
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And another 13,000 dead.  I keep hearing internet trolls claim that the deaths totals are exaggerated.  Actually, they are under-reported.  If you look at year-over-year respiratory deaths there is a significant excess this year that interestingly, tracks with the locations of heavy Covid-19 infections.  And the current administration has taken the counting away from the CDC (You know, doctors and scientists) and given it to the Department of Homeland Security (You know, spies and police.)  That makes so much sense.

Mitch is an excellent hang glider pilot.  Not so much a scientist or doctor.  I’ll listen to the scientists and doctors, thank you very much.  Remember, there’s a saying:  “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”  Or making up stuff, or …  For medical information I never, ever, trust the internet except specific, scientifically validated web-sites.  CDC, WebMD, etc.  Not a random comedian or web troll.

Oh, and by the way, arguing that you have a right to expose others to a deadly disease by not wearing a mask in public?  What does that say about your values?  My right to be unencumbered by a mask overrides your right to live.  How selfish is that?  Even if the numbers were lower than reported (which they aren’t.)

I’m out of this thread.

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