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    “Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”

    Mark Twain

    David Webb
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    My gawd – can we all STFU with our personal opinions on whether COVID is real or if mask wearing is effective? Since wearing a mask and socially distancing hurts literally no one, and since it’s recommended by the CDC, that’s the message we’re going with and what we should be telling our members and visiting pilots.

    Please take the conspiracy theories and other non-flight related banter over to Facebook. There’s plenty to be had there. If you want to have a say about the messaging on the homepage of the club’s site, why not become a member and run for a board position?


    Did Mitch just praise the police ?

    Maybe everything is possible in my lifetime.


    I was all excited, to head down to CSS, and fly my new, (used) Atos


    I researched the number of ICU beds available, in  San Bernardino, and

    there are (almost None) ; so i decided to hold off a bit, till the hospitals catch

    up with what ever is going on , down there.



    Jonathan Dietch
    General Member

    I think you made a wise decision. I still fly X/C and land out but I give myself more margin than I used to out of concern for emergency care shortages and exposure to anything contagious in an overcrowded hospital. It doesn’t even matter what the disease is AFAIC. Too many sick people and medical staff strained? No thanks.
    It will be good to eventually fly together again under better circumstances.


    “It will be good to eventually fly together again under better circumstances.

    Really looking forward , to that !!!










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