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    when it takes a comedian to compile numbers and ridicule an entire nation of sycophants, it’s clear the country is collectively stupid and broken, and media is to blame.  The Covid hoax was based on a projection of 3.5% infected fatality rate.   The current data published by the CDC indicates the SARS CV2 virus is orders of magnitude less infectious, and less deadly than a typical year of influenza.

    meaning you were all played as suckers, and got fucked over by the governor of the state who started the quarantine orders in early March.


    Mitch : ” The Covid hoax was based on a projection of 3.5% infected fatality rate”.


    Bille Floyd here — And i could really care less about “ALL” that sh!t ; what

    i know, is that fricken Lil bug , (it almost took me Out) like

    preeminently, as in Dead . You believe anything Ya want ; that

    corona bug , is fricken Dangerous !!!


    The % rate for Death , per number infected, here in Las  Vegas

    has bin holding at 2.07 % average, since the middle of

    last month ; doing the math that’s 40% off the mark of 3.5 % projected

    but still , “Quite”  high. Here , do the math for the 30’th of Sept :

    Infected : 67176 , dead : 1391 = 2.07 % death rate.

    What is the death rate for the Flue ? Answer : about 23  X , Less !



    The 2.7% mortality rate isn’t  infected mortality rate,  defined as all infections over all dead.   It’s likely confirmed fatality rate, part of the misinformation and false comparisons to influenza fed to ignorant masses by the media.

    Decades of influenza mortality data in the US :   https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/index.html

    confirmed in the JP Sears video, flu IFR is 0.1%

    The CDC and WHO changed the death reporting to include ‘ with covid” as ” from covid” in March this year, making the numbers reported useless.


    An accurate accounting and comparison of death from influenza vs.  covid doesn’t include deaths from 2.6 other factors for covid. Decades of history on flu shows 25,000,000 -45,000,000 are infected annually.  CDC lists sars cov2 infected only 6 million in the US this year.  JP Sears quotes CDC data for the most vulnerable demographic, 70+ year olds the IFR is 0.05%.



    That is interesting ; but it’s almost like Trump , was the one who directed the

    CDC to say that !


    That link said :

    For the first time, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has given a realistic estimate of the overall death rate for COVID-19, which in its most likely scenario is 0.26 %.

    Divide that .26% , by .o9% for the seasonal Flue deaths ; that still makes

    covid-19 , 2.88 times (More dangerous) than the flue . Lets not forget about

    the fact that covid kills old people like me ; at a way higher rate than it does

    the younger people, (and you left that part out, in your argument).


    I had Covid , and lived through it ; i had to fight Hard , to do that

    and now i probably got Tuns of antibodies, to fight it off again, if needed.

    A Bunch of people in the world ; they weren’t as Lucky , (or Healthy) as Me (.)



    George Stebbins
    General Member

    In the last 9 months, over 200,000 Americans have died from Covid-19.  That’s between 4 and 6 times more than typically die from the flu in a given year.  And it clearly isn’t over.

    There haven’t been this many deaths from an infectious disease in a single year in the US in over 100 years.

    As for if it is “more deadly” than the flu or not, consider this:  The vast majority of the populace has some immunity to the flu.  We’ve been exposed year after year, and a significant percentage of people get the flu vaccine.  And there is some carry over immunity from strain to strain.  That is not true for Covid-19.  It is different enough from other corona viruses that there is very little, if any, cross immunity.  Thus, many more people will get it without precautions.  The evidence shows that also, not just reasoning.  So even if Covid-19 was only as deadly as the flu, assuming no precautions, there still would be far more deaths from it just because a higher percentage of people would get it.

    Even with precautions, we’ve seen the results:   200,000+ dead in the US alone, in just 9 months.  And it isn’t over yet.

    When it comes to infectious diseases, I’ll listen to the scientists, epidemiologists etc., not hang glider pilots or politicians.

    “The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.”– Neil deGrasse Tyson


    @ George Stebbins

    I Really Liked that post ; a well thought out, dose of reality !!




    200,000 have not died ” from covid”, not even close.  The links in previous posts detail the change in death reporting SOP, and point to COVID 19 deaths in the US are under 10,000 if standard procedure for calculating Infected Fatality Rate and death reporting is used.

    “On May 21 officials at the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) confirmed that, as the Freedom Foundation reported on Monday, the state is counting in its COVID-19 death total the deaths of persons who tested positive for the virus but died from other causes.”


    Here’s editorial where a motorcycle accident is listed as covid death in Florida, until public pressure made them remove it.



    Here’s more discussion on case fatality rate and infected fatality rate, and the 200K number.



    This is the worst thread ever.

    George Stebbins
    General Member

    And another 13,000 dead.  I keep hearing internet trolls claim that the deaths totals are exaggerated.  Actually, they are under-reported.  If you look at year-over-year respiratory deaths there is a significant excess this year that interestingly, tracks with the locations of heavy Covid-19 infections.  And the current administration has taken the counting away from the CDC (You know, doctors and scientists) and given it to the Department of Homeland Security (You know, spies and police.)  That makes so much sense.

    Mitch is an excellent hang glider pilot.  Not so much a scientist or doctor.  I’ll listen to the scientists and doctors, thank you very much.  Remember, there’s a saying:  “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”  Or making up stuff, or …  For medical information I never, ever, trust the internet except specific, scientifically validated web-sites.  CDC, WebMD, etc.  Not a random comedian or web troll.

    Oh, and by the way, arguing that you have a right to expose others to a deadly disease by not wearing a mask in public?  What does that say about your values?  My right to be unencumbered by a mask overrides your right to live.  How selfish is that?  Even if the numbers were lower than reported (which they aren’t.)

    I’m out of this thread.

    Fly High, Fly Far, Fly Safe

    George Stebbins
    General Member

    David Webb:  This is the worst thread ever.

    Me:  But it needed to be said.  Having said it, I leave.


    Conspiracy theories?? Really guys?

    Conspiracy theories are the lowest form of intellectual enterprise. Suggesting that our government and institutions are either incompetent or have malicious intent spits on the millions of people who are working their hardest to keep us safe.

    If you are not exuding an atmosphere of fear and anxiety to everyone and everything around you at all times because of this invisible monster thing, you are not with the program. You are what is called a narcissistic, naïve, bad person.

    You think you’re smarter than the experts? Shame on you. Experts have something called science, and you don’t, so argument destroyed, loser.

    Experts have never been wrong, ever. Asbestos is a great insulator. Smoking promotes health. Lead in fuel is safe. Mercury cures syphilis. See? Science.

    And the masks? Those have been a complete and total success and are super duper effective. They totally don’t give off this vibe of living in a nightmare dystopia, at all.

    Government would never lie to you. They are not at all predatory and are here to help you. Stop resisting. They have your best interests in mind.

    If you even so much possess a molecule of doubt in our government, let me promptly get rid of it by informing you how much government has improved our hygiene.

    Think of all the cavities that have been prevented by putting fluoride in the water. The government cares so much about you they put chemicals in the water just for your dental hygiene. How kind. I love being medicated without my consent.

    Tap water is also very healthy and good for you, and is totally not above or on the border of the US EPA’s max contaminant level in the majority of US cities. It has all the electrolytes the body needs. The birth control and beta blockers are just a bonus.

    Too much testosterone in the population and people get angry at stupid things, like blatant institutional malevolence or psychopathic policies that would surprise even Orwell, and we can’t have that. Consequences for malfeasance and treason are irresponsible.

    Without politicians and experts, who would keep us clean from all the bad things? Without their guidance people might start doing crazy things like drinking raw milk or eating raw eggs like their ancestors did. That is gross!

    And think about how much cleaner our newborn baby boys are now that we have expert ancient abrahamic advice. Everyone knows the best way to greet an innocent infant to this world is with some good ol’ genital cutting. I’m sure that won’t leave any long lasting mental trauma on the population.

    The notion that there is very straight and satanic cabal ruling America and the world is absurd, and quite frankly deplorable.

    The sooner you online trolls stop peddling this nonsense, the easier the thought police will be when in 2024 they find your old forum posts and force upload your consciousness to cyberhell for wrong think.

    Dan DeWeese
    CSS Instructor

    Government would never lie to you. They are not at all predatory and are here to help you. Stop resisting.


    Pushing back IS the American way.


    … “Government would never lie to you. They are not at all predatory and are here to help you. Stop resisting.” …



    Unless ya live in Flint Michigan !!



    Stebbins, ” Mitch is an excellent hang glider pilot.  Not so much a scientist or doctor.  I’ll listen to the scientists and doctors, thank you very much. ”

    But you didn’t bring any science, or experts, all you brought was your belief. Sorry, no sale.      Here’s 10.000 scientists who signed a declaration stating the political circus, quarantine of healthy people is wrong .


    Tell us all some more about science and scientists George.

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