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Conspiracy theories?? Really guys?

Conspiracy theories are the lowest form of intellectual enterprise. Suggesting that our government and institutions are either incompetent or have malicious intent spits on the millions of people who are working their hardest to keep us safe.

If you are not exuding an atmosphere of fear and anxiety to everyone and everything around you at all times because of this invisible monster thing, you are not with the program. You are what is called a narcissistic, naïve, bad person.

You think you’re smarter than the experts? Shame on you. Experts have something called science, and you don’t, so argument destroyed, loser.

Experts have never been wrong, ever. Asbestos is a great insulator. Smoking promotes health. Lead in fuel is safe. Mercury cures syphilis. See? Science.

And the masks? Those have been a complete and total success and are super duper effective. They totally don’t give off this vibe of living in a nightmare dystopia, at all.

Government would never lie to you. They are not at all predatory and are here to help you. Stop resisting. They have your best interests in mind.

If you even so much possess a molecule of doubt in our government, let me promptly get rid of it by informing you how much government has improved our hygiene.

Think of all the cavities that have been prevented by putting fluoride in the water. The government cares so much about you they put chemicals in the water just for your dental hygiene. How kind. I love being medicated without my consent.

Tap water is also very healthy and good for you, and is totally not above or on the border of the US EPA’s max contaminant level in the majority of US cities. It has all the electrolytes the body needs. The birth control and beta blockers are just a bonus.

Too much testosterone in the population and people get angry at stupid things, like blatant institutional malevolence or psychopathic policies that would surprise even Orwell, and we can’t have that. Consequences for malfeasance and treason are irresponsible.

Without politicians and experts, who would keep us clean from all the bad things? Without their guidance people might start doing crazy things like drinking raw milk or eating raw eggs like their ancestors did. That is gross!

And think about how much cleaner our newborn baby boys are now that we have expert ancient abrahamic advice. Everyone knows the best way to greet an innocent infant to this world is with some good ol’ genital cutting. I’m sure that won’t leave any long lasting mental trauma on the population.

The notion that there is very straight and satanic cabal ruling America and the world is absurd, and quite frankly deplorable.

The sooner you online trolls stop peddling this nonsense, the easier the thought police will be when in 2024 they find your old forum posts and force upload your consciousness to cyberhell for wrong think.