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Many thanks for the thoughtful and respectful discussion on this difficult issue. It seems only common sense our forum is for free flight issues and should be open to a wide audience in order to share the collective experience of pilots for the benefit of others. Discussions outside of free flight topics are more appropriately addressed in other forums.

I don’t understand why things often regressed to personal attacks or why the language could be so foul. It just doesn’t make sense if you’re goal is to persuade.

I was a minor victim of a Mitch rant and it seemed so silly. He has no knowledge of my background or experience, did not know the facts of the incident I posted on the forum, yet concluded I was emotionally incompetent. It made me wonder about Mitch’s emotional health.

I don’t know Mitch, but I looked him up and found amazing videos of his flights. He is clearly a gifted pilot with experience and insights we could all benefit from. I agree with a three strikes rule, and hope it is very rarely enforced. I also hope we find a compassionate way forward with respect and forgiveness. Our sport is always at risk of regulation from government or insurance companies or even public perception. We do not need division. We need to “hang” together.