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Jimmy Bagheslai
General Member

Dear Alan,
as mentioned, Option-7 is open for reconsiderations like size and even those items you mentioned, it is a modular system, and can be very easily adjusted to our final needs.

I hope/agree that this is a general decison first and hope we all get a chance to revisit some details once it is chosen.

I just wanted to address Jai Pal’s concern and clear up some of the missunderstandings, misstatements and ambiguity of the steel structures in regards to costs, and that it is doable with the amazing manpower we have.

We were considering an observation platform, something like a cascaded roof, but given the scorching heat in summer, nobody would sit on such platforms, on top of all the heat coming up from below.

I myself was shocked at how expensive this all is, but this is due to the tariff wars and Covid, any such structure is now at least 2-3 times as expensive than just a few years ago.

Thanks for your inputs, please keep them coming.