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Jerome Daoust
General Member

Thank you Jai Pal. Aside from the pleasing esthetics, why would we want so much glass?

From the inside, it would provide an outside view if people spent time there, but unless there is climate control (ongoing cost), being hotter inside would prevent staying there during summer (not a classroom). Natural light during daytime will avoid turning on a light, but we still need lighting for nighttime.

From the outside, it removes a sense of privacy for those inside, which can be good for security. But it also reveals the contents and may entice looters to return, if anything of value is visible.


How about… Minimize the use of glass, only have some high (above eye level) windows.

Pros: Light can enter during daytime. Not as easy for looters to look inside. Less window cleaning. Reduced exposure to vandalism (fragile windows). Less expensive.

Cons: Not as pretty.


Still wondering if combining location for storage and shade-for-people is effective. Having club item storage off the LZ surface would… Provide a greater percentage of usable shade area for people under a given roof size, and allow more airflow under the roof to minimize downwind turbulence. Is it too late to review the concept, are we locked in at this point?