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    Jerome,  Tempered glass is standard and required by code.  Laminated glass is an upgrade and used in higher security situations like storefronts or where break in need to be prevented along with heightened safety.

    Jerome Daoust
    General Member

    Thanks Jai Pal. Since vandalism (someone throwing a rock) can happen, do you think tempered glass is sufficient? How much more $ for laminated glass as used by storefronts?


    The Differences Between Laminated Glass & Tempered Glass

    It would need to be priced by a glass company. Approximately 650 sq ft. including doors. Have a look at the La Cantina folding doors for the east side of the enclosed space facing the LZ (about 22 feet x 8 or 10 ft high is possible)


    Jerome Daoust
    General Member

    Thank you Jai Pal. Aside from the pleasing esthetics, why would we want so much glass?

    From the inside, it would provide an outside view if people spent time there, but unless there is climate control (ongoing cost), being hotter inside would prevent staying there during summer (not a classroom). Natural light during daytime will avoid turning on a light, but we still need lighting for nighttime.

    From the outside, it removes a sense of privacy for those inside, which can be good for security. But it also reveals the contents and may entice looters to return, if anything of value is visible.


    How about… Minimize the use of glass, only have some high (above eye level) windows.

    Pros: Light can enter during daytime. Not as easy for looters to look inside. Less window cleaning. Reduced exposure to vandalism (fragile windows). Less expensive.

    Cons: Not as pretty.


    Still wondering if combining location for storage and shade-for-people is effective. Having club item storage off the LZ surface would… Provide a greater percentage of usable shade area for people under a given roof size, and allow more airflow under the roof to minimize downwind turbulence. Is it too late to review the concept, are we locked in at this point?

    Marc Deschenes
    General Member

    Looking at the photo at the top of this page,


    it appears that the shade structure has already been built. Where? If not too far away, it would be nice to drive by and take a look.

    Linda Salamone
    General Member

    Marc, I’d also like to drive by and see this. It must be a secret location since you’ve received no reply. I’m currently traveling all over the US and could fit it in along the way.
    Can anyone also update us on the donations balance?


    Its a rendering. May or may not have been built in the UK. And the CSS design is different. Not a secret. But if you find it let me know.

    Marc Deschenes
    General Member

    Marc, a new design for the CSS landing zone was created and built in the computer with dimensions needed for our location and needs. Posts and beams and a roof is nothing unique or proprietary. Many buildings have posts, beams, walls and a roof. Some even have curved elements. Architects study history and theory and bring those concepts and examples to the table. The AJX site has unique conditions and calls for appropriate design responses to meet those needs and functions. Form follows Function. CSS is in need of a multipurpose facility to move forward into the next 50 years of free flight. Best.

    Jerome Daoust
    General Member

    Hi Jai Pal, today Tim shed light on the master plan… That the inside of the building could be air conditioned and that power be drawn from solar panels you are donating. Sounds like a possible solution and thank you for your generous donation to the club !

    What is your calculation for how much solar panel surface is needed to cool the enclosed volume on a 100+ °F day? Are we trying to cool the air for people staying inside (why stay inside?), or just equipment not to overheat?

    David Hards
    General Member

    My concerns for the Taj Mahal is cost. Our current budget is $12000. I heard that we need to pour concrete and the outdoor kitchen is going to be demolished which seems like a waste of time and waste of money to me.

    As far as the glass goes, who’s going to take care of cleaning (we cant even keep the container clean and organized) and what about vandalism?

    I was told that the Hollywood Elites  have no problem donating so where’s the donations??

    Most projects are started with a budget. We have $12000

    It’s a shade structure not a FBO


    Jerome Daoust
    General Member

    Option 3 won with 28% of  the votes, which also means that 72% of voters preferred doing something else.

    Before we commit funds to a given path and permanently alter existing work (like the kitchen), can we have a quick consolidation vote in proceeding with this specific path, simply asking CSS members…

    Do you want to proceed with option 3, or return to considering all options (including what should be on the LZ like shade alone and/or storage) ?

    Thank you for considering this. From what I heard in the LZ yesterday, this would help appease many. The only downside of this extra vote is a short pause, but we could afterwards proceed with greater unity.



    Mr hards, etc,  The budget voted on that was chosen is $58,000. Of plans 3 and 4 , essentially the same, there were 41 of 85 votes tallied (25+16).  The budget was never $12k.  As far as raising funds to build something new, we are trying to get everyone to contribute, whatever they can.  There are no Hollywood elites, and there is no Taj Majal, only a new structure with posts, beams, walls, roof and new slab as needed.  If someone wants to donate $10,000 they can get a lifetime membership and also a tax write off.  Looking forward to building something that will meet the needs of CSS, our pilots and free flight community into the future.

    PS – to answer the technical question about solar, we need to produce enough kilowatt hours to run 2 -12,000 A/C-heat units for about 2/3 of the year.  12 amps startup and 1+ amps running amps.  20 to 30 solar panels at 420w each will produce about 18,000 kilowatt hours per year.  Any excess or shortfall will be sent or taken from the grid.41 votes for 3 and 4 Screen Shot 2021-07-05 at 8.38.14 PM

    Jerome Daoust
    General Member

    Thank you Jai Pal, for answering my question about solar panel quantity/surface. Info like this is helpful.

    You also bring up a good point that options 3 & 4 are near identical, which increases the percentage of voters who chose a similar design.

    This conversation and sharing of details is good.

    An idea for more people to help financially… Add the possibility to pre-pay 5-10 years of membership to temporarily boost club funds?

    David Hards
    General Member

    So no glass?

    You Jai Pal told me that it wouldn’t be a problem getting donations from some Hollywood actors!

    So Where’s the donations?


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