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Jerome Daoust
General Member

Hi Jai Pal, you wrote… “run 2 -12,000 A/C-heat units for about 2/3 of the year.  12 amps startup and 1+ amps running amps.”

Maybe there is a much higher voltage these A/C units will run on, but if it  is on 120 V, each would consume 120 W,  which is about 2 old fashioned 60 W lightbulbs. 240 W if the 1 Amp is on a 220-240 V circuit. Hard to imagine A/C units being so efficient as not consuming more than a few incandescent light bulbs. This reference indicates that a single 12,000 BTU A/C on 115 V consumes 13 Amps, or 1495  Watts, which is more believable , about the same as a small hairdryer.

Since solar panels is part of your profession, I feel bad for asking but… Are you sure the power consumption of those A/C units is not at least an order of magnitude more? Maybe you just made a typo when writing “1+ amps running amps” and meant to write “10 amps running amps”.

Please tell me I worry for nothing and all will be fine.  :-)  Thank you for being a big part of this project.