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Jerome Daoust
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Thanks for the info Mark and Jai Pal. I’m more used to paraglider specs than HVAC, but gather that each of the unit’s outdoor compressor will consume 9.3 A at startup (LRA: Locked Rotor Amps) and 7.2 A after during use (RLA: Rated Load Amps), with a fan adding 0.5 A. If operating with 115 V, we are looking at about 886 W (= 115 V x 7.2+0.5 A) continuous for each outdoor unit. Not sure how much the indoor unit fan consumes, but guessing we are around 1000 W for each unit (outdoor+indoor). So around 2000 W total for 2 A/C units.

Must learn to “go with the flow” and worry less. Knowing we have experts in each field helps trusting this project is in good hands.