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Jai Pal Khalsa
General Member

David or whoever is sending or receiving on your account, I don’t know about your contractor. I’m not a bathroom contractor but am an Architect and have an excellent memory. So when it comes to requesting donations there is no “Hollywood” money, only a donation request of one USHPA member/pilot who happens to be an actor.  In any case donations currently are about $15,000 towards the structure #3 budget of $58,000. Anything raised beyond the $58,000 can be allocated to other amenities or enhancements of the building for the Club. The idea of lifetime memberships for a donation of $10,000 has been brought forward by several CSS members and seems to be getting some traction. So if you can support the project in whatever way is possible for you that would be great. Good luck to us all. Regards, and I will do the same. Be well.