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OK so I did follow the law…  and do follow many laws.  It seemed sensible to take some precautions after watching what was happening in Italy, and then New York.  And then to see the “incidents” at CSS…   Well, the sight in Montana where I learned to fly is right above a town and depends upon permissions from the forest service, a university, and the town to stay open.  Had to follow rules or couldn’t use the road.  Maybe that’s not applicable to AJ…

A few people I really care about are susceptible to Covid.  At this point it seems to be more dangerous than the flu.  They are not sitting in a nursing home with dementia, they are awesome, and our collective actions may buy them some time?   Maybe the cure is worse than the disease?  Personally I thought it was kinda nice to have cleaner air for a week or so… Maybe it’s all bullshit, maybe the Rwandan Genocide never happened, smell ya later Mitch.

Now I remember why I quit facebook and stopped posting to forums.