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    Jerome Daoust
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    CSS Instructor

    As of May 8, masks no longer required (but still recommended) in San Bernardino (and Riverside) county according to The Sun and ABC 7.


    What is weak, is to follow an order without evaluating whether it’s lawful, or not. What is weak is following orders, without question, when those orders strip you of your right to travel, conduct business, or pursue happiness.

    What is weak minded, is believing a mass media engaged in deception and failed accusations, since November 2016.

    There is no data supporting the state closure, or county stay home directives. The CDC and Anthony Fauci and the media have presented a false narrative, that CV19 is some kind of  lethal virus, when it’s no more lethal or infectious than influenza.   The media has hyped CV19 numbers, and never presented a valid comparison to any common disease, allowing the American people to make their own informed decision. All the media publishes is big scary numbers, when the data is manipulated to produce a false claim of >5% CV19 mortality.

    There are decades of influenza mortality data published by the CDC that show how medical science calculates mortality ratio. That ratio in CDC publication is dead/total estimated cases. For example influenza mortality burden 2017, 18 lists  61,000 deaths,  45 million estimated cases in the US, = 0.00135, or  0.1% mortality.

    The CDC hype published as of a week ago, >1,050, 000 ” confirmed cases” and >64,000 dead to fabricate their >5% mortality ratio.   This is departure  from mortality ratio SOP, and apples to oranges comparison, useless for making an informed decision, by design and intent.  It’s deception, that only works on the willfully ignorant.

    Don’t be ignorant.

    My recent experience with Alan Thoe convinces me more than ever, only really stupid people buy into this scam, and pretend mindless compliance to unlawful, and unjustified political decrees, is some kind of virtue.  Nope, sorry.  Compliance with Newsom’s stay at home order is no different than being a ” good German” while nazis wiped out the poles, gypsies and Jews.  As a result, I am no longer going to do any repair or sewing work for anyone who is now, or did during the fabricated ” crisis”  advertising, promoting, or complying with the California  CV19 quarantine scam.

    If you were alive in Germany, in 1938, and you  currently advertise your support for CV19 quarantine, you would be the perfect prison camp guard, supporting government propaganda, doing your part for the state.  That’s FUBAR, and you get what you deserve.



    Reply to Peter Swanson, ” Mitch I did not choose to stay earthbound because of a law.”

    Yeah you did, if not because of legislation, your actions were driven by ignorance, which is worse.

    There is no data supporting the California quarantine order or the media hype.  CV19 is no more infectious or lethal than influenza. The media , Anthony Fauci and CDC are presenting a false narrative and  abusing mortality ratio reporting SOP to produce a deception, and legislation based on a pack of lies.

    Influenza mortality burden for 2017,18 published by the CDC lists 61,000 deaths, 45 million estimated cases in the US,  = 0.00135, or a 0.1% mortality ratio.

    As of around a week ago, CDC listed >64,000 dead,  1,050,000 ” confirmed cases”  to produce the claimed >5% mortality for CV19.    If the same ratio is used for influenza, to start, there is no comparative data of ” confirmed cases” for influenza, so there can’t be any valid comparison in the media, so there isn’t.   Two, if   it’s assumed ” confirmed cases” means a hospital visit, implying a lab test, then the CDC published 810,000 hospitalizations  in 2017,18 and influenza mortality ratio would be  7%.

    There are two recent studies, one in Santa Clara county, California, 3,300 patient sample revealed there is 50, to 80X more asymptomatic, and mild symptom CV19 cases, than the CDC is reporting.


    “2.49% to 4.16% of people in Santa Clara Country had been infected with Covid-19 by April 1.”

    When the mortality ratio denominator increases by 50 to 80 times, CV19 fails to meet any threshold of dangerous infection rate, or mortality rate, when decades of influenza mortality show 13% – 15%  of the US is infected with influenza, annually.

    Jerome Daoust
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    Mitch wrote…

    I am no longer going to do any repair or sewing work for anyone who is now, or did during the fabricated ” crisis”  advertising, promoting, or complying with the California  CV19 quarantine scam.

    This Seinfeld episode comes to mind.


    @ Mitch

    It’s May 11, 2020

    According to http://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ ; there have

    bin 80,787 people die , in the USA, from corona-19 , since Feb. Those

    deaths , happened while most of the USA was in Lock-Down.

    I’m curious what you think that number of dead would be ; if there

    had Not bin a lock-Down ?

    Bille Floyd


    the world o meter data is an example of the lying with statistics that’s currently occurring in the US media. When you use a big number of deaths, and a relatively small number of  ” total cases” currently listed at roughly 1.4 million, you get a disease almost no one contracts.

    1.4 million/328 million( US population) = 0.004, or a 0.4% national infection rate.

    Influenza infects 13% – 15% of the US population every year.

    Then there’s the fact the UN World Health Organization, via it’s directives to the CDC, effectively working hand in glove, did this same propaganda hysterical fraud ten years ago with H1N1, where they proclaimed a 4% mortality rate early in 2009, only to have later serological studies confirm only 0.1% mortality ratio for actual confirmed, primary cause of death.

    That’s not a rounding error, it’s lying like a sack of shit, and CV19 is no different.   Here’s the link to the directive where they effectively assign every death as CV19, regardless of  lack of test results, the patient’s medical history, or other significant medical conditions.

    “The WHO has provided a second code, U07.2, for clinical or epidemiological diagnosis of COVID-19 where a laboratory confirmation is inconclusive or not available.” built in bullshit, hyperinflation of mortality data, by design. same as the H1N1 scam. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvss/coronavirus/Alert-2-New-ICD-code-introduced-for-COVID-19-deaths.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0QL9yW37VdWCDXGXjr5h2RLD5-2nXywhFKHiUoPhX4fi-Q6WKZhcExcaw

    A recent video by Valuetainment points out the money behind the big lie, an interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits where she points out the federal government is incentivizing CV19 classification with more than ten  thousand dollars in grants per patient, more than a thousand per death assigned to CV19.   That video has since been diligently scrubbed from youtube,  citing violation of their ” community standards”.


    It’s OK, Jerome.   Stay ignorant, be ” nice” to everyone.   Welcome to the idiocracy of your own creation.

    Better you than me. I want the idiots to be afraid to approach me, like they are afraid to approach Seinfeld’s soup nazi.  Correct.  Perfect.  Let them pay more, and get the service they deserve.


    OK so I did follow the law…  and do follow many laws.  It seemed sensible to take some precautions after watching what was happening in Italy, and then New York.  And then to see the “incidents” at CSS…   Well, the sight in Montana where I learned to fly is right above a town and depends upon permissions from the forest service, a university, and the town to stay open.  Had to follow rules or couldn’t use the road.  Maybe that’s not applicable to AJ…

    A few people I really care about are susceptible to Covid.  At this point it seems to be more dangerous than the flu.  They are not sitting in a nursing home with dementia, they are awesome, and our collective actions may buy them some time?   Maybe the cure is worse than the disease?  Personally I thought it was kinda nice to have cleaner air for a week or so… Maybe it’s all bullshit, maybe the Rwandan Genocide never happened, smell ya later Mitch.

    Now I remember why I quit facebook and stopped posting to forums.


    @ Mitch.


    Your a really smart guy , and i,ve respected Ya for a many of years ; hoping

    this little disagreement, doesn’t affect our friendship ?


    Bottom line for me :

    I’m 67 , and ain’t got a spleen ; if i catch this bug, my Odds of living

    aren’t looking so good , (based on death-rate , by age, due to corona, in NY).






    ” it seems to be ” is an inadequate level of analysis, in my humble opinion, to justify giving away a basic common law human right, in deference to a pack of liars.
    I put more into looking into that premise, sad you do not.

    Good luck.


    reply to Billie Floyd, Friends don’t let friends stay ignorant. See the Jorneyman pictures six part series “Perspectives on the Pandemic: Alternative views on the coronavirus crisis”.

    We the people have an opportunity to take advantage of relevant information available at the press of a few keys at the speed of light, and yet here you are with an anecdote, and refusal to evaluate a couple elements of basic data analysis, to justify giving away the right to travel, do business, and pursue happiness, without a fight.
    I am happy to be putting effort into arguing that’s a bad idea.

    Jerome Daoust
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    Thanks for sharing that video presentation Mitch. Their message is balanced: Shelter-in-place and distancing was appropriate (link to statement) to flatten hospital resources demand, has served its purpose, and now time to resume activities/work and accept related risk while still protecting those most at risk.

    Who can disagree with “moving now towards a Swedish model“?


    I would love to see the medical science supporting a policy of quarantining healthy people to protect a small segment of elderly, and already unhealthy people from a novel virus, or any virus.
    Then there’s the idea there isn’t any science to back up the current policy imposed by political decree and a specific partisan orientation, because if there were, it would be common knowledge, and easy to produce a title, author and date of publication.
    But that’s not yet occurred in the CV19 hysterical news cycle, has it.
    Oh and BTW, Erickson is one of the six part series by Jorneyman pictures. I figure it’s worth spending a few hours ,or more, to be educated about arguments in support of not blindly giving away basic human rights like right to travel and the pursuit of happiness.

    John Benario
    General Member

    What Mitch has reported is true.  If one reads the reports carefully and peels away verbiage to get to the politically disallowed words, the two overwhelming risk factors are age over 85 and obesity.  My (reasonably healthy) father, 89 years old, has no concern.  He is following the 6 foot spacing directive, but otherwise no changes to his life.  Thankfully, fortunately, our HG/PG community avoids the risk factors in that we are reasonably fit and health conscious.  I am flying commercial flights as my job.  The Walmart workers are showing up for work every day.  If the virus were so deadly there would be no Walmart or Home Depot workers left as they would have all succumbed since they have been allowed to go to work from the beginning, and I and my coworkers as well.

    Who made the decision that Walmart workers are safe but Steve’s and Mike’s “Made In America” shop workers must not be allowed to leave home??  (Rhetorical)

    Robert-Roy Stewart
    General Member

    I don’t think the CSS webisite is the forum to be having this sort of debate, this is a club for free flying, There are alot of other forums to debate which side of the argument you are on. I looked at this form to get data on whether there were restrictions on flying, and not sift through a few people’s opinions on the merits of government’s response to the Covid 19 pandemic, to find the information I am looking for. Maybe you guys can take this debate offline to another form!! (I want to get away from all the politics of Covid 19 by going hang gliding, and not continue to be immersed in it). Thank you for listening & your consideration.

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