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John Benario
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What Mitch has reported is true.  If one reads the reports carefully and peels away verbiage to get to the politically disallowed words, the two overwhelming risk factors are age over 85 and obesity.  My (reasonably healthy) father, 89 years old, has no concern.  He is following the 6 foot spacing directive, but otherwise no changes to his life.  Thankfully, fortunately, our HG/PG community avoids the risk factors in that we are reasonably fit and health conscious.  I am flying commercial flights as my job.  The Walmart workers are showing up for work every day.  If the virus were so deadly there would be no Walmart or Home Depot workers left as they would have all succumbed since they have been allowed to go to work from the beginning, and I and my coworkers as well.

Who made the decision that Walmart workers are safe but Steve’s and Mike’s “Made In America” shop workers must not be allowed to leave home??  (Rhetorical)