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Bille Floyd
General Member

This one hit HOME ; for me :

USHPA suggestion : “If you’re planning to begin flying again after an

extended time away, keep in mind the spring/early summer conditions

and your current skill level. Take the time to safely work back up to

challenging conditions and ambitious flights”.


And also — i realize that this lock-down affected a lot of people in

a very negative way ; but , because of my compromised  immune condition

due to not having a spleen , (it also improved the odds of , “MY” living

through this , by a bunch) !!


I appreciate the inconvenience , to all affected !!


Last Saturday , Las Vegas started to open Up ; we will see in

about 10 more days from now, if the average infected rate ,

changes for the (+ or -). Right now it’s about 100 new infected

cases, each day ; and that is with the Lock-Down.