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    Robert-Roy Stewart. Define hypocrite. If you don’t want to engage in a non flying dialog, you fucked up by showing up here, whining about this thread. I get the idea you’re not comfortable in any role other than blind acceptance and compliance with Newsom’s stay at home decree.
    It’s my opinion that men like you are not men, because it’s the responsibility of a man to learn the truth, and not simply obey authority without question, as you seem to advocate.
    You were presented with a great deal of data and qualified opinion, and you chose to complain and suggest this kind of information is not acceptable, when it’s relevant to the operation of the flight park.
    Your participation is basically a really lame, sideways attempt to control dialog when it doesn’t toe the government media pandemic fear factory doom circus line.
    THat’s what I call a willfully ignorant boot licker.
    Maybe a sport like hang gliding isn’t for you, because it requires thinking outside the box and dealing with chaos on a daily basis.
    Maybe whining about public policy dialog isn’t an adult level of participation in a dialog about policy that directly effects flight park operations.


    New German study shows 15% infection rate, mostly asymptomatic cases, and a 0.3% mortality rate for CV19.
    The US media doom circus fiction and the idiotic quarantine orders depend on the false claim of >5% mortality.

    The way the current mortality data is derived in the US by the CDC, is by lying.


    @ Mitch :

    You put up a really good argument !

    The people who “Should” be in quarantine, are the old ones with problems,

    like me, (no spleen) ; they never should have locked down the entire country.

    And i can see why the corona death rate was way over inflated ; now that

    you pointed it out to me .

    I’m still gonna do everything possible , to not catch this bug ; mostly because

    the 2017-18 flue that took out 79,400 people in the USA , (it almost took me out)

    and that was ((with)) the flu vaccine. I got no defense , for corona ; so best i do not

    play with it , if possible.


    Bill Floyd

    Jerome Daoust
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    USHPA posted today these updated guidelines and recommendations.  <– Click the link


    This one hit HOME ; for me :

    USHPA suggestion : “If you’re planning to begin flying again after an

    extended time away, keep in mind the spring/early summer conditions

    and your current skill level. Take the time to safely work back up to

    challenging conditions and ambitious flights”.


    And also — i realize that this lock-down affected a lot of people in

    a very negative way ; but , because of my compromised  immune condition

    due to not having a spleen , (it also improved the odds of , “MY” living

    through this , by a bunch) !!


    I appreciate the inconvenience , to all affected !!


    Last Saturday , Las Vegas started to open Up ; we will see in

    about 10 more days from now, if the average infected rate ,

    changes for the (+ or -). Right now it’s about 100 new infected

    cases, each day ; and that is with the Lock-Down.


    Luke Wernle’
    General Member

    Hey Guys,

    Brand new here – first post. I’m one of those guys who’s been away from the sport for a while, wanting to come back to it. I flew Crestline once 15 years ago. Having since moved, it is actually much more convenient for me now.

    So who’s flying? Surely we can get rides up the hill while maintaining common sense hygiene and social distancing, like riding in the bed of a pickup for example, or one person per row seating.

    I sympathize with the Libertarian position politically, but I’m not interested in debating it. Ultimately, we have as much freedom as we’re willing to defend for ourselves and those willing to fight alongside.

    I don’t have a spleen either, but I’m otherwise a healthy 56 year old. I don’t fear this virus, and I’m not close to anyone who’s at risk. I can keep 6 ft social distance and wear a mask in the vehicle if the driver wishes.

    How far is the nearest launch point from the LZ? I have a bike I can leave at the LZ…

    I ask again, who’s flying? Anyone willing to show me the ropes at Crestline?


    Welcome back to flying, Luke!

    Pretty rare that there’s a flyable day and no locals at AJX to give you a good site intro. Keep watching the weather page to look for a light SW late afternoon or early morning for smoother conditions.

    The closest launch to the LZ is the 750 – it takes me with a full size paraglider and harness about 30 minutes to hike up (and I’m not in super-super shape). Check out the site briefing for the 750 here – there’s also a video on that page that shows you exactly how to hike up to it so you don’t get lost in the bushes (under “hike and fly”).

    Also, make sure to read the site guidelines and pick a membership before coming out.

    Safe flying.


    @    Luke Wernle’.   You said :

    “I don’t have a spleen either, but I’m otherwise a healthy 56 year old.

    I don’t fear this virus, … ”

    OK —- Reality check :

    If you don’t have a spleen , and you catch this bug ; you ,”Are” fricken

    screwed ; and you Better take it serious !!!




    Jerome Daoust
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    Still wondering what to do? (not too serious)

    Instead of trying to make sense of the conflicting advice from politicians, medical experts, civil right defenders, corporations, or struggling families…

    Simplify and just ask yourself: What would Chrigel do?

    Jeff Boehler
    General Member

    Oh, very funny Jerome.

    Without being able to read and understand german writing.

    From the signage posted, I think I understand the just of it.

    If you don’t shake hands with your fellow pilots, and maintain a flying distance of 2 meters, and wash your hands before flying your PG, you should be safe? 

    Oh yah, if you’re feeling sick, stay home and seek medical help. You may have the dreaded mohockness?


    Fly Safe?


    OK you guys :

    I’m optimistic enough about this bug being brought under control ; i

    plan to rejoin the USHPA next month , and come fly with you-All

    this summer.


    if you see a white haired legless dude ; no need to run away in fear

    because i usually have Beer !!




    This is another reason the USHPA leadership is worthless, and a detriment to the sport we created.

    ” Pilots should continue adhering to all federal/state/local/landowner and CDC guidelines and restrictions.”

    That’s called boot licking, and unquestioning obedience to authority.   With this kind of attitude, the FAR103 exemption never would have happened.  With this kind of guidance, all the small time and part time  paragliding and hang gliding schools are dead, until the liars at the state governor’s office decide to decree we can all continue to pursue business  and happiness, as if it was ever up to them.

    In the very next sentence USHPA executive management declares their incompetence,  “….hospitals in some areas may …”  Speculative fiction is not a basis for competent leadership.     Hospitals in California were never anywhere close to overwhelmed, on the contrary, LA had 60% of their beds staffed, equipped and vacant  from early march to date.  The fear factory doom circus has resulted in a spike in suicide and patients not seeking care for fear of contracting CV19, resulting in more severe symptoms when they do show up at the hospital.

    Jerome Daoust
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    This could be of value for out-of-state pilots who want to visit…

    Some restaurants have re-opened for dine-in service. Since this weekend I have binged on: Sizzlers, Olive Garden, Denny’s, Chili’s. Others also offering indoor dining: El Pollo Loco, Applebee’s, IHOP, Red Robin, BJ’s, Coco’s. The list is growing, but waiting on my favorite local Thai and pizza places. Note: Most (if not all) drive-through places have remained open throughout.

    I called some motels/hotels near Marshall, and about 1/3 are open to the public, while others may only accept essential service workers.

    It almost feels normal again.

    Jerome Daoust
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    California will allow schools, day camps, bars, gyms, campgrounds and professional sports to begin reopening with modifications starting next Friday (June 12): CNBC News article.

    If you get into a bar fight, to keep 6 feet separation, you can hurl chairs or mugs.

    Jeff Boehler
    General Member

    Hopefully, you/they would drink up what is in the mugs first?

    <b>Nothing worse than wasting good cold Beer!</b>

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