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    David Webb
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    Votes are in.

    Below are the winners of this year’s BOD election:

    • President: Stan Barankiewicz
    • Veep: Jai Pal Khalsa
    • Secretary: Ed Wiggins
    • Treasurer: Jeff Bether
    • Site Coordinator: Tim Ward
    • Communications Director: Jana Pivkova
    • Events Coordinator: Linda Salamone
    • Safety Director: John Benario

    Link to the vote results:


    There was also one additional email-in vote for Marcello for Safety Director, in addition to the results shown in the link above.

    Let’s all give the new group our support and (civil) discourse/feedback and hopefully the upcoming year will be a bit more normal than the last.

    Happy flying

    David Webb
    General Member

    Election time, pilots!

    For all general members with voting privileges, you should be receiving a ballot by email in the next hour or so. The link in that email is specific to you, and can be used only once. Just like the other elections, all results are anonymous (no one can see who you voted for). The email address that the ballots go to are the same one you used to buy your general membership, so if you don’t get one, either check your spam folder or email info@crestlinesoaring.org (we’ll have to verify that you’re a current member to manually send you a ballot).

    Thanks for your participation. Progress on votes submitted below:


    It is great to see positions getting multiple candidates, as for “Safety Director”.

    When there is more than 1 candidate for a position, it would be helpful for voters to read a statement from each one, about how they plan to help the club. For example John seems motivated to fulfill his role as safety director when reading this posting (<– this is a link). But it would be best to give an equal voice to all candidates, otherwise voting just becomes a popularity contest where people want to please a buddy running for a position.

    Since the ballots were sent before we heard from the competing candidates, club members would benefit from having it re-issued, after presentations are made.

    Thank you to all candidates for taking an active role, Jerome.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Just my personal opinion, and while I think that would be helpful for voters, I think we’re too late in the game to reboot the whole election. Both candidates have had a couple of months now to issue statements to the club and/or make their case, but neither have chosen to do that (perhaps they should have been encouraged to do so? Maybe that should be SOP for all future elections if there are contested seats).

    There are still 2 weeks left in the election though, so maybe both candidates would like to state their position on what they hope to accomplish with their role. There are a LOT of members that still have not voted – hopefully some of those plan to do so before the 5th. Also, if the candidates make their statements and any members wish to change their vote, they are welcome to email info@crestlinesoaring.org – I can’t change (or even look at) anyone’s vote, which maintains anonymity and prevents cheating, but I can void/cancel a ballot and reissue a new one.

    Anyone else, feel free to chime in on this – if there’s a sizable group that wants to do a reboot, speak up.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Bump on this thread – results shown in the main post above.

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