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    Does anybody know if the person who had the accident yesterday have family and they know? if they are with him, their number? did anybody contact them to check and see if they need anything? I believe the rescuers said he was going to Loma Linda, is that right?


    So, I heard that he does have family, they’ve been contacted, and they are probably at the hospital with him by now. He is at Loma Linda and at the moment only family members can visit. And it seems like they are going to perform surgery today

    I also heard that somebody spoke to him by phone



    John Benario
    General Member

    Any details on what caused the accident?


    Dan DeWeese
    CSS Instructor

    Santa Barbara trained P2 flying without local instructor guide, without membership, without signoff, flying mid day what looke like a stall spin in from over 100ft landing on Ranch property by the shower tower. Now listed in critical condition with broken bones.

    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    Did he have Nevada tags, on his vehicle ?



    John Benario
    General Member

    Boy that is tough to read.  We put notices and warnings all over the website to try to impress on P2s the necessity to get the proper instruction before flying and prevent accidents like this.  Hope he recovers.

    Albert Sharp
    General Member

    Thank you for the details Dan.  I hope the pilot heals quickly.

    Presented in the right way I think information like this is valuable.  I know it helps me be more aware.  Hopefully other pilots as well.

    Any thoughts from people who may have witnessed the incident on what may have caused the spin?


    I texted Wade’s family last Saturday (04/09), and they said ” right now there is still not much anyone can do as he is still in critical condition with many surgeries behind and ahead of him”


    John Benario
    General Member

    After he recovers we should talk to him to find out where the club failed with its communications.  What could we have done better with our website that would have given him the information he needed to have made the decision to call one of the CSS instructors before flying.

    Jerome Daoust
    General Member

    The website has all the info, for those who seek info and like to play by the rules. A bigger issue (independent of this case)…

    Informing Visitors who Ignore Online Info   <– This is a link.

    Dan DeWeese
    CSS Instructor

    I’m finding out the injured pilot wasnt as rogue as I initially thought. Still gathering info.

    One thing is certain. He is indeed very injured. Keep him in your thoughts and send healing vibes his way. Recovery and positive outcome is the most important component in this incident now.

    Alan Coffield
    General Member

    Why do you presume the club failed to communicate?   Communications involves at least two parties.   Perhaps the pilot is responsible for not receiving or complying with communications.  Hopefully he makes a full recovery and participates in any safety review.

    John Benario
    General Member

    Not presuming anything.  Simply interested in the possibility that something could have been different that would have prevented the accident, or maybe prevent one in the future.  Not saying that the club or website was in the wrong.  Just asking what might have produced a different outcome.



    Alan Coffield
    General Member

    You say you are “not presuming anything” but you clearly stated here that the club failed:

    ”to find out where the club failed with its communications”

    I agree it should be determined if the club could improve its “safety communications” or to see if it MAY have short comings in communications, but to start from a stance that the club failed?

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