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    John Benario
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    “After he recovers we should talk to him to find out where the communications failed.  What additional/different words on the website would have given him the information he needed to make the decision to call one of the CSS instructors before flying.”

    I see the post above was at 10:38 AM.  Probably had just gotten up and was still in a fog having worked til 1:00 or so the previous night.  Sorry for the poor usage.



    Our home page has this message for all visiting pilots:


    If they take the time to read it, they should understand our club policy for P2/T2 pilots.


    Have there been any updates on this pilot’s condition or official accident report made? Has anyone ascertained whether or not the victim was under the supervision of an approved local instructor since his rating alone isn’t sufficient to fly CSS sites? My daughter was a witness to the impact and several moments prior. She’s made up her mind to NOT do a PG tandem during this visit as a result of trauma of the experience. I’d love to be able to tell her he is recovering and that our club has safety practices in place regarding low airtime pilots.
    Thanks for any updates.

    Jonathan Dietch
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    See Dan’s report that was just posted:  https://crestlinesoaring.org/topic/apr-2-accident/

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