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    For many years Rob McKenzie kept online records of local flying accidents, the famous “Red Dot” pages.

    Those records are hosted here on the old crestlinesoaring.org website at: http://oldschool.crestlinesoaring.org/accident/

    What constitutes an accident worthy of a Red Dot?

    The following are the types of incidents that are worthy of being included in the accident page.

    • Any cause of an injury that is flying related. Injury is where a prudent person would (should) seek professional medical attention. It will also include injuries that cause some extended period of time (like a few days or more) which cause the pilot to not be able to come out flying, but are of a known nature that don’t need professional attention, example, pulled muscles or mild sprains.
    • Landing without basic control of speed or direction. This could mean reserve deployment or a spin or spiral into the ground. What is not meant to be included are minor deviations from intented flight like a PG pendulating on his butt or a hang glider dropping the nose in a whack.
    • Anything that would be considered very lucky that injuries were not caused. Included are the following air only (not contact with ground) incidents… mid air collisions, tumbles in hang gliders, unintentional and severe loss of altitude from a collapse or spiral in PG. This area may be quite subjective so a consensus from the CSS forum may be solicited to determine worthiness of inclusion.
    • Anything causing a crisis. Example, being blown into the mountains and/or landing in an extremely unusual location causing the rest of the pilots to begin a search and rescue to determine the pilot’s well being. Also somewhat subjective so a consensus of the CSS members is usually sought.
    • Any flight mishap that contains a valuable lesson for others. This will usually require a consensus of the CSS members to be included.
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