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    I put together all the items I am selling in anticipation of my semi-retirement.

    Check out the list of items and low prices. I already sold a complete set (wing/harness/reserve).


    About half the items have sold, I have updated the list of remaining items, follow same link above.

    Bille Floyd
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    Are you about to quit teaching PG ?

    Hope Not ; i really Like you !!




    Thanks for the kind words Bille.

    I am gradually reducing the services I offer, starting Oct 18 will still offer: Equipment sales at a discount, reserve repacking, theory lessons, kiting lessons, mentoring. More info here.

    This is a good thing for me, and I will get more time to fly.


    That was fast: Sold everything, minus 1 wing…

    Element 3 Large 95-125 kg (209-276 lb). So, for pilot weight of 167-234 lb (76-106 kg) considering 42 lb gear. It is NEW. Ideal for a new pilot or student, similar performance to a Mojo 5, but with more robust materials.


    All items have been sold.

    Thanks to all who purchased and those who helped share the inventory.

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