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    There is a request to submit nominations for positions on the board of directors: President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary, Safety, Site, Events, Communications. One can submit by Email to: info@crestlinesoaring.org

    I take this opportunity to say…

    Thank you for the challenging work you have done this past year. As the new year rolls in, we can hope to see the focus shift to new projects (the fun stuff). Your experience and continuity would be a great asset.


    In an Email sent today to members, we have an updated list of nominations…2024_02_16_Nominations

    As much as I appreciate the vote of confidence to those who nominated me, I leave the position(s) to others running for office. Good flights, Jerome

    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    Nominations :

    President – Ed Wiggins, Jordan Neidinger

    I’m OK with Ed Wiggins as president ; but I believe that  Jordan Neidinger would more fairly represent the best interests for our club.

    If Jordan accepts the nomination ; I will be voting for him.

    @ Jerome Daoust :

    Please reconsider your decision ; if you do, then ya got My vote !!!

    Bille Floyd

    Dan DeWeese
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    I recall in past years, noms opened in Dec, elections were held in January, and board term began first week of Feb.



    Linda Salamone
    General Member

    “I believe that  Jordan Neidinger would more fairly represent the best interests for our club.”

    Bille, can you expand on this? Give examples?

    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    I already said , who my vote will go to ; nothing more to say. I’m also hoping to talk  Jerome into reconsidering his position about running for safety director.


    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    Linda wrote :

    Bille, can you expand on this? Give examples?

    Ok I thought about it last night; decided all club members should know what my reason is for choosing  Jordan.

    Jordan is a bit of a business man ; Jordan would take the steps necessary to keep the club tractor running. The consequences for this ineptitude from current board members , is that we have no way to fix the Ben Canyon Rd

    In the past , Gene would do all the maintenance on the tractor , and keep the road fixed and passable ; but the current board eliminated that option.

    Rebar Dan got his nick-name , because he is a professional at building in cement and steel   , and his expertise was utilized in the building of the new club house . Dan was also voted in by club members as the safety directer , but dismissed by the board because the club house is now built and his supervises are no longer needed. I actually heard one of the current board members say that Dan was taking kick-backs for some Dirt dumping, and that something should be done about it ; does anyone here , know just how absurd that sounds , to someone who knows the honesty and integrity of Dan ???

    YES — there are a few board members that should be replaced in the CSS club (.)




    If you believe that ineptitude is the reason that Gracie isn’t working at full power (she is running, but has low power), then please go find out who cross-threaded the #3 cylinder fuel line fitting to the fuel pump.  You can read them riot act for ineptitude, while you are at it please talk to the City of San Bernadino for their ineptitude because the easement on Ben Canyon Road is their responsibility, not the Club’s.  The CSS has bore the effort and expense of repairing that road and parts of the Marshall Road (2N40 also known as Cloudland Truck Trail) for many. many years while that actual responsibility lies with the City of S.B. down-mountain and the dept. of Ag Forestry Division up-mountain.  (Just so you know, the Forestry Engineers just re-graded N240 before the rains hit, so they are actually helping). So should the club continue to shell-out thousands of $$ each year maintaining a very old tractor that has 6500 hours on it? Or do you think maybe we should engage the parts of local and federal government to do what our tax dollars pay for?

    FYI, a request, with pictures, was submitted over a week ago to the City of S.B. website to repair Ben Canyon Road.  I’m sorry that some people may feel inconvenienced by having to drive into AJX the back way via Sweetwater Canyon Rd, but there was actually a natural disaster that occurred recently with a very high level of rain-fall in a short period of time, so the City of S.B. might need some time to get to us with all the road repair that is required all over the city and county.

    As for Gracie, the fuel line has been ordered but the high-pressure fuel pump needs to be rebuilt and that will cost $1300 in addition to my volunteer time to remove the pump, drive it to Fontana, pick it up later, and then reinstall it.  Please feel free to make a donation on the CSS website to help offset the cost of these repairs. Better yet, if you feel so inclined please volunteer some time to remove the fuel pump or help reinstall it.

    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    @ Luke

    If your planning to wait for city help to fix that road ; I can count on using that other route for quite a while.

    I know who cross-threaded the threads on Gracie ; and Gene actually told me it was gonna happen, before it did. WHY? Because Gene is a real mechanic for heavy equipment ; and he told me it was gonna happen. Like I already stated : Gene serviced Gracie and kept the road’s clean , without counting on the city for help ; you fired Gene. !!

    Care to get cynical with me ? I’m gonna stay calm ; really calm as I present my argument as to why this board acts with emotion , instead of their brains  !!

    You also fired Dan the same way ; after he put hundreds of hours into the concrete work at our clubhouse. You can’t imagine how many hours the Rebar-man burned at home, just planning his next step for that endeavor ; but that is what he does for a living. You have no appreciation for the people that donate their time to this club; you think short-term , and the club suffers for it.

    Nature also suffers for your actions , poison to kill the gofers ? My X wife eliminated her gofer problem without the use of poison ; all those Lil bastards in her yard are Dead …



    Everyone is welcome to vote for whoever they think will do the best job. Being on the board is a thankless one, and worse. Anyone willing to take it upon themselves to run and stay on deserves a lot of credit, and I’m not talking about myself, because I feel like I do the least amount of work.

    Luke has been doing an AMAZING job with very limited resources, so please have a little bit of respect. He drives out from San Diego to get to San Bernardino early in the morning, even when it’s not flyable, because he’s busy taking care of the grass, the shade structure, the tractor and the roads. He treats it as if it was his part time, almost full-time job, but without the pay. Where’s the thank you? Instead he gets to listen to criticism from some people who haven’t lifted a finger to make the place better.

    Every decision we (the board) make TOGETHER is a result of thoroughly discussing the problem, weighing all of the options available, the club budget and the volunteer labor required to get the job done. We ask for volunteers and we can’t get people to show up for us. It’s always the same 5-10 people who take turns coming out and helping with projects. We have 300 members! Many of you should be very happy and grateful that someone stepped up and is taking over where Tim left off. It’s one of the hardest volunteer jobs in the club.

    Bille, if you know of a natural way to get rid of gophers, please let us know. We don’t want to use poisons and we do not want to have to pay for professionals to come out and get it done. Unfortunately we just don’t have the manpower to keep up with the problem.

    We’ve been talking about it for years and while people want to -sound- helpful, they’re just busy throwing out random ideas without showing up to help implement them. What’s your ex-wife’s number? We’ll get in touch and maybe she can fill us in on a better solution. Or maybe you can find out for us, show up and help us put it into action.

    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    Jana   said :

    Bille, if you know of a natural way to get rid of gophers, please let us know. We don’t want to use poisons and we do not want to have to pay for professionals to come out and get it done. Unfortunately we just don’t have the manpower to keep up with the problem.

    Nothing natural about this ; other than the targeted varmints , and no other animals in nature were affected :

    Mia Google searched where to get, (15 minute road flares) to find the best price , pulled the trigger and placed them into the  nice Lil creatures tunnels , and they all appeared to leave.

    I do NOT enjoy , destroying the eco system ; just to satisfy my own desires! There is always  another way.





    Every grammar nazi out there super biting their tongue off about now.



    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    Nathan have you bin drinking ?



    I wish.. I had to quit about 10 years ago because liver won’t tolerate that anymore. After about age 30 the return on investment went negative. I blame Tequila, specifically.

    However, I did bring some Sakurao Gin back from Japan last time I was there. That’s all I got. Maybe I’ll get back to it and make some new threads : )

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