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    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    @ Nathan

    I will be at CSS in April , when the sun angle climbs a bit more, for better soaring in the thermals ; Lets have a cup of coffee together ?

    Now about these nominations ; wishing best of luck to whoever wins , and I promise to support them fully !!!


    Tim Ward
    General Member

    I think Luke’s done a fine job as site coordinator.  He’s been willing to do what I was reluctant to do, which was spend money.

    I think members need to realize that if we want the nice facilities (and I think most members do) , it’s going to either cost money or involve more volunteerism on the part of the club.

    I’m willing to vote twice for Kathy for events coordinator.


    I too am super excited about Kathy running for Events this year. She’s helped out with SO many past events and has always done a great job. She takes it very seriously. Now we just need Nacho and Noel to come help BBQ at the next fly-in. 😜

    Tim Ward
    General Member

    Yep.  The combo of Kathy organizing and Nacho and Noel BBQing makes a pretty certain good time.

    Mark Hoffmann
    General Member

    Tim, Bring that Ukulele of yours!!!

    Linda Salamone
    General Member

    The alternate road in is appx 2/10ths mile longer drive to get in. If you haven’t been inconvenienced because you haven’t been flying, it never was an inconvenience at all 🧐 and if you have been to AJAX lately, and  that extra 2/10ths mile is all you had to complain about on a flying day, I’d call it that a GOOD DAY. 😉

    On another note: kudos also to Sandy for all of her help with EVERY SINGLE EVENT I’ve ever attended, organized, and missed. And to Dave and Heather. It takes a village. And to all of the volunteers that have made so many things better for everyone- we appreciate you!

    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    Linda said :

    The alternate road in is appx 2/10ths mile longer drive to get in. …

    It may be possible to pay the gentleman just above and to the North-Northwest of the ranch- house , to grade the Ajax entrance ; it might be cheaper than renting a tractor for a weekend.

    Why would I suggest that your neighbor may be OK with fixing the road for a nominal fee ? Because He did it for free last September ; then asked me , and a few others , what we thought of his work. I got the impression that he was a very Nice guy !!



    I regretfully resign from my current position as CSS Safety Officer and must remove my name from the nomination list. Last year I suffered a significant tear to the rotator cuff of my right arm. The first orthopedic surgeon I consulted did not think it was repairable and referred me to a sports medicine specialist. This surgeon was confident he could repair it but warned me of a higher than normal failure rate. I underwent surgery last October and have since been in physical therapy. I still lack the strength and flexibility to perform many normal activities.  Hang gliding is utterly impossible. Of course this is enormously disappointing, especially as one who has spent both a career and a hobby of flight. This is a very frustrating period for me forcing me to reconsider priorities and personal choices. Luckily I’ve been involved in building a light-sport aircraft which is nearly complete. So although it does mean sitting behind a noisy fan, I will still be able to enjoy the view from above.

    CSS deserves a Safety Officer who is active and involved. A commitment which I cannot fulfill. I know there are pilots in our club who could serve well in this capacity and I encourage you to come forward.

    Lastly, I want to commend the service of the current board of directors. I was not privy to many of the politics within our club but found each of the members to be thoughtful, considerate and always thinking of the clubs best interest. They did not deserve much of the criticism leveled upon them from ill-informed forum posts. They served you quite well!


    Tom Evans


    Tom, I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you the way you hoped, but I’m glad you’ll still get to fly one way or another. Thanks for volunteering and at least giving it a try. I hope you heal up eventually, sooner than later, to a level where you can enjoy and once again immerse yourself in the things you love.

    Mario Miralles
    General Member


    Sorry to hear this and ditto to what Jana wrote. I’ll miss flying with you. Maybe sailplanes in the future?

    Thanks and good luck on healing.

    Jonathan Dietch
    General Member

    Good grief Tom! I’m glad you have an LSA on the way and look forward to swapping aerial photos/video of one another downrange where it’s more scenic. I hope the club gets a new candidate for Safety Officer. I guess I’ll vote again whenever this gets sorted.

    Ken Howells
    General Member

    Thanks for your time with the club, Tom! I’m sorry to hear that your injury is limiting your activities so. May time provide further healing. Glad you’ll be getting another form of airtime. Good flying!

    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    @ Ken

    How would you feel about running for CSS Safety Officer ; You would do a fine job , and most everyone likes you ?


    Dan DeWeese
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    The upper road is supposed to support the residents who live on sweetwater cyn rd. Thats why the lower road was built, to provide pilot access to the landing area. The residents will get chapped that their road is getting messed up by overuse and dust etc. then we’ll have angry neighbors who want the flight park gone.

    If I may ask,  please move the green box out of the east approach before someone crashes into it.  Please.

    Dan DeWeese
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    You can put it on the little pedestals I put by the storage boxes and store the clubs party stuff in it instead of on the floor of box 4.

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