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    I presume most people in the hang gliding community know the name Bobby Bailey, who among many notable accomplishments was the primary designer of the Dragonfly HG aero-tow tug.  I just saw that he recently passed away in an accident involving a Newley assembled Dragonfly in Florida.  Met him in Arizona and Florida.  A very nice man.  RIP

    Alan Crouse
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    Very sad, we lost a legend: Article

    Dan DeWeese
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    CSS Instructor

    For want of a preflight, the life was lost.

    Again, that hollow adage, “died doing what he loved” gets lobbed around.

    Pretty sure he’d a rather gone home for dinner.

    Make it home for dinner.

    Bille Floyd
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    Dan wrote :

    For want of a preflight, the life was lost.

    Id like to drive home ; what Dan said .

    In the mid 80’s , I borrowed a Hang glider to go flying, moments before , I’d just given my reserve to a woman to repack . The owner of the glider said he just landed ; the machine was Fine . YEA — I should not have believed him ; the side wire was twisted in the never-kink , and the tang sawed through the SS wire at near 450 AGL. I did a plummet ; I died , and got CPR’d back to life. Trust what Dan said ; being Dead , it ain’t no Fun !!

    Bille Floyd_In_Broken_Genesis_at_TP_4-83

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