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    I am looking for a Falcon 195, model 2  or   3.   Am having trouble finding one.   Deal is I’ll buy it and keep it in the storage container and you can still use it whenever you want!  I won’t be flying a whole lot but I gotta fly.  Can’t stop thinking about it.


    Kevin Greene



    I understand.  Staying grounded is very hard.


    Saw this on HG.org classifieds

    Falcon 3 195

    There are a couple other F 195’s for sale on the same site, but they were 1’s or 4’s

    Good luck!

    Bob Pobocik
    General Member


    I have Dusty’s old tandem Falcon 1 you can use anytime if you want.  I haven’t been flying due to COVID-19 so it need to get the wrinkles out of the sail. That should help you out until you find one to buy. Dusty can show you where it is in the storage bin.

    Bob Pobocik


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